Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Sirat getting Ranvir to the medical clinic. Kartik comes and thinks did Ranvir advise her or not. She asks the specialist what befell Ranvir. Specialist says this needed to occur, I had advised this to Kartik likewise, similar to the toxic substance will spread in his body, he will get basic, he doesn’t have a lot of time left. Sirat gets stunned. She asks Kartik for what reason did you not advise me. She yells on him and cries. Kartik says pay attention to me, Ranvir needs me, on the off chance that you cry or blow up, nothing will occur, don’t lose this time, proceed to converse with him, sit with him. Chauhan and Saroj hear everything. They get stunned and weep for Ranvir.

Ranvir opens eyes and sees Sirat. He says pardon me. She says I m sorry, my puja needed something. He says I m sorry to leave you unexpectedly early. She says I m sorry, I will not leave you in this birth. Kartik says sorry Krishna ji, for what reason aren’t you effectively end their distress. Chauhan says what has occurred with my child, he just returned home. Ranvir says I would have not gone anyplace in the event that it was in my grasp. Sirat says I will not allow anything to occur. She cries and goes. Kartik goes to Ranvir. He says her conviction will work when you trust her. Ranvir says I additionally need to accept, however it doesn’t occur as we need. Kartik says we can attempt. Ranvir says you both are my companions. Kartik says you are likewise a companion, you don’t lose trust.

Specialist says there is no expectation. Sirat demands him to save Ranvir. Specialist says we can’t do anything, its in God’s grasp, how will you respond in the event that he will resemble a living dead, we can do his activity, however he can sneak through unconsciousness, you conclude, how might his rest of the life be, cheerful or excruciating. Ranvir says I concluded, I won’t allow anybody to remain stuck, better I bite the dust soon. Specialist requests that what do, advise me, will you let him live for quite a while and let him go. Sirat says I need to allow him to live, however I will continue to attempt, I will battle. He gets some information about the relatives. She says I didn’t ask anybody, they likewise need his life, I don’t need anybody’s authorization. He requests that she quiet down and think. She says you get ready for the activity. Ranvir asks will you allow Sirat and yourself an opportunity. Kartik says get calm, don’t think about this, please. Sirat comes.

Medical caretaker says specialist is coming for exam, go out. Sirat and Kartik go out. He asks are you angry with me, Ranvir needed to advise you, I guaranteed him and couldn’t break it, I can apologize to you whenever, yet Ranvir… She says he will not go anyplace. He says I need some marvel to occur. She says activity can occur. He says specialist had mentioned to you what will occur after activity, Ranvir rejected for it, he would not like to turn into a weight on anybody. She says I will joyfully assume his liability. He says think from his side, I would likewise need the very that he remains back all life, however think about his sentiments, he will not have the option to say anything, hold you, he will feel obligated by your blessings and kick the bucket each second, would he need this, its great to be together for long, else you should carry on with whole life in a second, we will give him all the satisfaction, support me, will you do. She goes. He stresses. Chauhan yells on the specialist. He sees Sirat and reprimands her.

He asks how did you and Kartik manage him. Ranvir gets down on him. Chauhan asks what do you need. Ranvir says you will not disclose to them anything. Specialist says if it’s not too much trouble, come out. Sirat takes Saroj. Ranvir requests that Kartik comprehend what was he saying, Chauhan won’t extra Sirat, simply handle her. Kartik leaves. Sirat considers Ranvir and cries. Naira comes to Kartik. He says the two of them are obstinate. She says converse with Sirat. He says its intense to grin when you are harmed inside. She says I know, in the event that anybody goes unexpectedly or you are aware of his leaving, your torment doesn’t get less, your lament will get less, advise her not to lose any second. He says I wish we likewise got that second, I will attempt to clarify her. Sirat sees a woman and her little girl. Medical caretaker says you are doing the awesome keeping your little girl glad. The woman says I realize my little girl has not many days left, I need to give her all the joy on the planet. Sirat thinks and goes to Kartik. She says I won’t leave trust, I need to give all the satisfaction to Ranvir. They see Ranvir. They say we will take him home, he will be cheerful. She says we will give him much satisfaction, he will neglect to leave us and go.

Precap: Ranvir gets basic. He requests that Kartik and Sirat tune in, stay together and join after he passes on. He passes on. She yells Ranvir… . Kartik cries.


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