Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kairav coming to help Kartik and Sirat. They take a family selfie and grin. Its morning, Suwarna says Dadi went out, I needed to get some information about halwa. Gayu says this day has come soon. Suwarna says indeed, we have five children in the house, time will elapse soon. Dadi comes and says pandit will come soon, is the food prepared for annprashan. Suwarna says yes. Surekha says Sirat needs to make kheer, don’t have a clue how might she make it. Suwarna asks Surekha not to insult Sirat over the past. Gayu says indeed, she wasn’t well.

Dadi says Sirat deals with Aarohi well, Aarohi looks solid, Surekha quit offending her and applause her, you were unable to deal with Lav and Kush, they used to be with Suwarna, Sirat is dealing with three children, she will do the best even today. Sirat makes Akshu prepared and says you look dazzling, I applied dark tika to you. Aarohi cries. Sirat says I will concern you likewise, desirous young lady, you will likewise get exquisite garments, I wish you both consistently have love. Kairav comes and shows Sheetal’s boxing battle on television. Sirat says Sheetal failed to remember all the moves in the ring. Kartik comes and grins. Kairav says Sheetal lost. Sirat says she had an off-base procedure.

She punches Kartik accidentally. Kairav chuckles and goes. She says sorry, I didn’t realize you are coming. Kartik says right, I will play a horn and come. She says indeed, wear protective cap and come, it occurs during rest likewise, apologies. He says quit battling in rest, attempt to battle in genuine, center around boxing. She says no, I need to zero in on the children. He says I m there to deal with them. She says I needed to make kheer for them, I m an awful mum. She runs. He sees the children. He says my sweet girls, do right by me. They go out for the Annprashan ceremonies.

Dadi praises the children. Vansh requests that they feed Aarohi and them moreover. Dadi requests that Suwarna and Surekha put the puja things on the double spot, pandit will come. She requests that Kartik call Manish and Akhilesh. He goes. Sirat’s institute understudies come. She asks did anybody converse with Sheetal, she lost the match, we will not allow her to lose fortitude. The young lady says she is upset. Sirat says I have seen her match, there were many slip-ups. The young ladies say you should return, Asian Championship is going on in MP. She requests that they meet her little girls. The young lady says Asian Championship comes once in four years, you had let the mentor know that this is your next objective, will you let this possibility go. Sirat thinks.

Kartik says boxing crew young ladies have come, did they talk about bout. Sirat says no. Kartik says proceed to sit with them. She says no, puja has begun. Pandit requests that Kartik feed the main nibble to the child. Kairav says I figured a sibling does this. Sirat says Kairav has a right on Aarohi as her folks do. Akhilesh says indeed, that is the reason senior sibling is respected a dad in our home. Kartik and Kairav feed kheer to Aarohi. Sirat says they will take care of Akshu too, we won’t fail to remember her, she is my life. Dadi says a decent mum never gets one-sided between her children. Kartik says its our obligation that all the children get equivalent love and rights, Akshu and Aarohi are young ladies, their connection will be influenced in the event that we separate between them, I don’t need this. Suwarna says indeed, we must be cautious, else this connection string will break. Sirat says this will not occur. Kartik says we will give same love to the two of them. They feed Akshu too.

Dadi tells the ceremonies. Kairav adds not many things in the toys plate. Gayu says you continued to box gloves in light of Sirat, why this portable. Kairav says telephone is truly pixie nowadays. Manish says yes. Akhilesh says indeed, kids don’t eat food without watching food. Sirat says I don’t need this to occur with my little girls. Dadi asks Aarohi what does she need. Aarohi takes a journal and a pen. Dadi says she took the cash too. They all grin. Kartik says it implies she is shrewd, she needs instruction and cash. Sirat inquires as to for what reason didn’t you ask Akshu. Vansh says I failed to remember what she picked. Sirat requests that Dadi ask Akshu once. Dadi asks Akshu what does she need.

Akshu takes a music player. Dadi says she took this last time too. Manish says she is sure. Gayu says she cherishes music. Sirat says indeed, she quiets down hearing music. Kairav says both my sisters are unique, I will uphold them. Kartik says we will help them. Kairav says yes.

They grin. Sirat sees the children. Kartik comes and grins seeing her. She says when I was youthful, I used to ache for gifts, just Maudi used to give me gifts, my girl got so many gifts today. Kartik says our little girl will satisfy all your desires. Sirat says its enough, I simply need her to esteem this affection. He says indeed, we will give her a decent childhood. She asks what are you stowing away, don’t say its one more present for Aarohi. He says indeed, its for you. She says I don’t need anything, I have everything, I settled the score what I didn’t inquire. He requests that she actually look at the gift. She really looks at the papers.

She sees the structure for Asian boxing title. She asks how would you know. He says you figure I will not know whether you don’t say. Kartik heard the discussions. He requests that she fill the structure. She says Akshu and Aarohi need me. He says you can proceed to return soon. She says I can’t oversee. He says we need mum in each age, it doesn’t imply that you forget your fantasies, Sirat.

Precap: Kartik inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, sign this structure. Sirat takes the structure. Dadi chastens him and takes the structure. She says Sirat can’t leave Aarohi and go. He says I will be with her. Surekha says even a father can’t assume a mum’s position.


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