Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Abhi seeing the birthday wonder and smiling. Neil thank you every body for coming. Manjiri and Akshu disguise and appearance on. Akshu says I desire you’ll just like the wonder. Harsh says get returned on responsibility on time. The guy says sure. Aarohi says thank you for giving me this chance. Harsh says there need to be no issue. She asks him now no longer to worry. Neil praises Abhi. He says he could be very unique for his mum, he has honesty in his eyes and reality in words, he’s a child at heart. Abhi recollects Akshu. Neil says we like Abhi a lot, we’ve come right here to have a good time his birthday, I request him to mention some words. Abhi says I don’t recognise what to mention on such an occasion, thanks every body. Harsh says Abhi seems happy, Neil and Manjiri did good, I will now no longer depart Akshu if she is around. Anand asks him to neglect about it. Neil says a physician is an angel for the humans, there may be a wonder for every body.

Akshu and a few children carry out at the stage. Aashiyaana….plays…. He hugs the children and smiles. Akshu offers him a flying kiss. He imagines dances with him. He thinks she isn’t right here, why do I omit her. She turns away and cries. Akshu falls. Neil holds her. She runs from there. The children prevent Abhi. Everyone claps. Akshu is going out and cries. Neil says we were given saved. Akshu says he ought to have recognized it. He says sorry, the individual sponsored out withinside the remaining moment, so I needed to make you the angel, are you okay. Akshu says yes. He is going. She says thank you Lord, Abhi were given his smile returned. Neil says earlier than you pass for the duties, there may be an emotional wonder for Abhi. Manjiri comes on stage. Harsh asks is that this any nurse. Anand says let’s see. Manjiri comes in advance. Abhi says Maa… Everyone claps for her. Akshu says Abhi’s sorrow will cease now. Neil says that is the wonder. Abhi smiles. Abhi and Akshu want Manjiri first-rate of luck. Manjiri recollects Akshu coaching her to sing after a few years for Abhi’s sake. Manjiri sings Piya tose…. Abhi smiles. Parth thinks she is gifted and hidden this skills for years. He smiles. Abhi recollects Akshu. Neil thank you Akshu. Abhi is going and lifts Manjiri. He hugs her happily.

Akshu smiles. Everyone runs to hug Manjiri. Abhi thank you Neil. He says I didn’t assume it is going to be so good. Neil says love you bro. Abhi says this can’t be your idea, whose assist did you take. Neil says I did all this. Abhi asks again. Neil says Parth is asking me for dance. Abhi dances with them. Ruby says you need to have a good time with me. Abhi says thank you for the first-rate birthday gift. Manjiri asks him to live happy. She says these kind of humans got here for you, locate happiness and flow in advance in life. He says yes. Abhi cuts the birthday cake. Akshu desires he actions on. Abhi feeds the cake to every body. He stops seeing Harsh. He passes the cake to Harsh. Aarohi takes a rose to present to Abhi. She maintains the crimson one returned and takes a white rose. She is going to him. Akshu smiles and says yes….. Abhi hears her and turns to see. He rushes. Akshu says I forgot the work, I will do it now. Her get dressed receives caught there. Abhi comes there. Neil says celebration is inside. Abhi says a person is there. Neil says there may be no one. Abhi seems outside.

Harsh says I don’t like your singing. He scolds Manjiri. Ruby flirts with Abhi. Akshu hides at the back of the gifts. He sees Akshu. She falls in his arms..


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