Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Akshu crying and pronouncing why did I assume Abhi loves Aarohi once I felt his emotions, what may want to I do, if I advised the truth, then Aarohi could have in no way forgiven me, if I had lied, then Abhi could have felt so bad, so I didn’t say anything, I m sorry. She cries. Aarohi hears her and says aw.. Akshu says sorry. Aarohi says don’t try this choose on me and say sorry, I apprehend you, you probably did all this intentionally, how may want to you tolerate my happiness, whilst you knew he’s a doctor, then why did you sing and galvanize him, you achieved on degree and sang his mum’s fav song, now I apprehend. Akshu says I constantly felt that you need to attention on career. Aarohi says you furthermore mght stated you need to discover your self first, you modified your plan, why will he like you. Akshu says he isn’t a child to fall for me. Aarohi says you aren’t a child too, you constantly gave me sorrow, I used to win however you used to celebrate, you snatched my love, my mum, you simply gave me sorrow. Akshu says I actually have tolerated greater ache than you, Sirat changed into my mum additionally, I actually have additionally misplaced my mum and dad, I misplaced you furthermore mght, so simply prevent. Everyone seems on. Aarohi says you’re appearing so much.

Akshu says prevent it, I actually have constantly heard lots, these days it wasn’t my mistake, this false impression passed off with anyone these days, I m now no longer accountable alone, so don’t blame me. Harsh calls Parth. Parth says we discovered Abhi. Harsh says get him home. Neil says so sorry bro, I gave you the incorrect wide variety. Harsh says Abhi is fine, Parth and Neil have become him. He says Manjiri, this passed off due to you. Manjiri says I don’t recognise. He asks how, see what passed off to Abhi. Anand says we were given insulted however his complete existence were given ruined, he fell in real love and also you couldn’t get his love. Harsh scolds her.

Mahima says you inform me that I don’t apprehend Parth, you don’t apprehend Abhi. Harsh and Manjiri argue. Manjiri says I m now no longer a appropriate spouse for you, however I m a terrific mom for Abhi, I made a mistake, you can have treated matters, you broke the alliance, you made a larger mistake. Harsh says you made a mistake, how dare you…He increases hand. Abhi comes and forestalls him. Abhi scolds him. Kairav asks Aarohi and Akshu to calm down. Aarohi says no, you all pay attention to me. She asks them to get Akshu married. Akshu says anyone is worried, don’t drag this. Aarohi asks can my Abhi come returned via way of means of your emotional dialogues. Manish asks them to prevent it now. Aarohi asks Akshu to move and get married, did she get satisfied via way of means of proving her wide variety 2.

Manjiri cries. Abhi consoles her. He says we won’t speak approximately this, this remember ends. Harsh says you could come among me and my spouse, you don’t need me to speak. Anand asks him to calm down. Harsh says have a take a observe his attitude, anyone were given to recognise approximately the alliance, our popularity were given ruined, the arena will ask, we need to solution them, clean it now. Abhi shouts what shall I clean. Parth says now no longer again. Neil says I need to have cleared matters after which supply the wide variety. Parth says accepting mistake won’t assist them. Harsh says you inform us, what will we need to do now. Abhi says I love Akshara, I will marry simplest her. Harsh says you adore her, however does she love you, I don’t assume so, she didn’t say anything, you may marry this type of lady. Abhi says yes. Aarohi says get her married and ship her farfar from my existence. Akshu says its now no longer like that. Aarohi argues. Abhi says she didn’t say anything, its our non-public remember. Harsh says its a own circle of relatives remember, apprehend it, what is going to human beings say, that lady could have advised something, what justification you have. Abhi says I don’t have any justification, I love her and I will marry her. Harsh says she isn’t proper for you. Abhi says simply spare us, I will cope with it. He runs to peer Manjiri. Harsh says you’re an emotional idiot like your mum, we need to pay a charge for this. Dadi asks Aarohi to prevent it. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Akshu cries and runs.

Aarohi asks her to move forever. Kairav asks her to close up. He is going after Akshu. Abhimanyu involves Manjiri. She says my mistake ruined everything, forgive me. He says please don’t assume so. She says I need to have requested the name. He asks her to calm down, its now no longer her mistake. Akshu says its now no longer my mistake constantly, I love you lots Aarohi. Kairav hugs her and consoles. Akshu asks why did this happen. He says perhaps this needed to happen. Akhilesh hugs Aarohi and consoles.

Manjiri says in case you truely love Akshara, and he or she loves you, then don’t allow her go. Akshu cries. She says I actually have concept what to do. She calls Abhi and says I need to satisfy you.


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