Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with naira asking are you wondering to tell sirat or not. Kartik says i need to say, however how shall i am getting braveness to mention. She says courage is needed to hide, not to say. He says it’ll be wrong to hide, she can at the least put together herself. She asks can all of us put together oneself for such things, if i didn’t do and died every day, then would you prepare yourself for my leaving. She signs and symptoms no.

She says ranvir isn’t wrong, sirat has a right to understand, however she has more right to stay satisfied, permit her try this, try and save your friend, let him try to save sirat’s happiness, i would have completed this, don’t recognise when will she smile after this. He says no naira, i truely assume that it is going to be incorrect to cover all this. She says you’ll do incorrect via telling this. He cries protecting her hand. He says i m now not capable of do something for ranvir or sirat.

She says ranvir appeared you circle of relatives to percentage this issue, you helped him, ranvir has the first right to tell this to sirat, till then you definitely stay an amazing buddy and assist him. He rests in her lap. Ranvir sees sirat. She asks what came about, why are you observing me. He says i really like it. She says high-quality, then see. She asks him to have the parathas.

She is going. He tests a few audio message. He hears the legal professional’s talk with chauhan. He receives angry. Kairav says inform all of the high-quality to ranvir and sirat also. Kartik says go away it, you are becoming overdue, come. Kairav is going unfortunately. Ranvir says chauhan performed this sport on manish’s marriage, i can now not let your trick work, if i do whatever wrong, then chauhan will take revenge on sirat, i have to do something else, he can do whatever, i recognise him. Chauhan comes and asks saroj for tea.

Ranvir maintains again his smartphone and tab. He sits consuming the food. Chauhan asks did you have breakfast. Sirat receives parathas for ranvir. Ranvir gets the physician’s message. Saroj asks are you each going for the in shape. Sirat says sure. Ranvir says no. She asks why no, its my team’s first fit today.

He says i ought to go for imp paintings, kartik could be there, raj can be coming nowadays. She says you won’t be there. He says get habitual to live with out me, i received’t be with you all of the time, i’m able to pass for paintings. She says excellent. He says i have harm your heart. She asks why do you say such matters. He says i m helpless due to paintings. She says i gained’t like it in case you aren’t there, you just come there.

He says great, all the high-quality. She thanks him. He says want me all the satisfactory additionally, i m going for imp paintings. She says all of the satisfactory. He hugs her and leaves. He tests kartik’s message and replies i will meet the health practitioner and are available. Sirat asks bindya to be equipped for the fit. Kartik comes and greets. Sirat says you shall say all the first-rate for the team’s first in shape.

He says all the exceptional for the whole lot. She says ranvir went out, he’s going to are available some time. He says sure. She asks are you quality. He says yes, i m satisfactory. She says i’ve stricken you a lot, are you punishing me for that. He says no.

She says surely sorry. He says this isn’t needed. She says i understand this suit is imp for you, you and your dad has invested plenty, i won’t let your hardwork, money and respect get spoiled. Raj comes and meets them. He asks for ranvir. They deliver distinct solutions. He asks who is mendacity. She says we aren’t lying, ranvir didn’t tell anything virtually. She is going. Kartik messages ranvir and asks what did the physician say. Ranvir asks how a lot time do i have. Physician says it depends on self will electricity.

Ranvir says i don’t want this drama, inform me how a whole lot time do i’ve, some years or some months. Physician says maybe, i’m able to’t say truely. Ranvir asks what can you are saying surely, do i’ve a few weeks. Health practitioner says yes, simply that tons, sorry, i advised you currently, so you shall do anything you may in this time. Ranvir receives worried. Bindya wins. Sirat says we have gained, kartik. Kartik says congrats.

Sirat says thanks, ranvir isn’t here, my happiness is incomplete with out her. Kartik gets unhappy. Ranvir receives her audio message. Kaisi raah pe…. Plays… he walks at the roadside and sees the sand clock. He cries and thinks i have no time to cry.

Kartik and sirat have a communicate. She says i’m able to get indignant on ranvir, he left me and went, the triumphing pleasure didn’t experience like it, sorry. She is going. Kartik calls ranvir.

Ranvir comes. Kartik asks what did the doctor say. Ranvir says congrats, i have visible you had been with sirat to help her. He says i don’t recognise why i got here in among, i must get away from her forever. Kartik says forestall this nonsense, what did medical doctor say.

Ranvir says i’ve less time, he requested me to do anything i need. Sirat says where is ranvir, i can scold him when he comes. She receives maudi’s name. Maudi says i pass over you however i don’t need to problem you. Sirat says i m very glad. Maudi says you appear to be old sirat.

Sirat says i can be such continually, my catch 22 situation is cleared, i’ve solved all of the relations, i m glad, come home, mum became inquiring for you, if you come, she can be glad, we are able to have a women birthday party, hens birthday celebration. Maudi asks will you make us hens. Sirat says no, it way girls birthday celebration. Maudi says as you assert.

Ranvir says existence is atypical, i notion i received’t go away from her life this time, but assume i should move all the time, your and sirat’s relation is more potent than sirat and my relation,

when you got here in her life, you in no way left, you stayed along with her to guide. Kartik cries. Ranvir says please don’t cross from her existence, she desires a support to fight with people like chauhan. Kartik says sirat is a fighter such as you, she doesn’t need any help. Ranvir says yes, within the ring, however in family members, she falls into problem, she receives trapped, human beings take an an advantage of her.

Kartik says we won’t let this take place. Ranvir says say you gained’t let this manifest, simply you could take this responsibility, you have handled her when i wasn’t right here, you have to deal with her now, can you give yourself and sirat every other threat, are you able to provide her an area in your home, life and coronary heart. Kartik gets stunned.

ranvir says sirat didn’t get love, i want to go back her love. Kartik asks what do you imply. Ranvir plays the recording. Kartik is taken aback.


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