Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with anyone seeing the video. They see Mukesh converting the medicines. Dadi says we did incorrect with Surekha. Suwarna says I blamed her and puzzled her. Kartik says federation stated Mukesh can get banned, however our trouble can’t get solved, in case your blood nonetheless has drug traces, then you may now no longer be capable of combat the in shape. Sirat says I m questioning the way to get Surekha again, will she forgive us. Suwarna and Sirat take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi cries and says its Karwachauth day, Surekha remains dissatisfied with me. Gayu says she isn’t listening.

Sirat says I attempted difficult however she doesn’t need to look my face, she could have saved the quick, Akhilesh can pass if she isn’t coming. Suwarna asks him to head. Sirat asks Suwarna to head there and speak to her. Suwarna says I don’t have any braveness to satisfy her eyes. Kartik comes and says there is a great information and a horrific information. He says appropriate information is that, your reviews are normal, the entirety is fine, you may take part in Asian championship. She thankfully hugs him. Everyone smiles and claps for her. Kairav asks can she combat now. Kartik says yes, she will combat and win additionally. Kairav says horrific information is, we were given the passes for own circle of relatives, however we haven’t any time, your in shape is scheduled for today. Sirat asks how. Dadi says its her rapid today. Kartik says Sirat has to pick this in shape rather the quick. Dadi says she must preserve the quick or express regret to Lord, and ruin the quick, its imp to win this medal. Kartik says yes, love you Dadi. He asks Sirat to interrupt the quick. Sirat says no, its my first Karwachauth rapid, I will preserve this rapid for you, we didn’t assume such whilst we saved Teej rapid a 12 months before, whilst we’re husband and spouse today, why are we worried. He asks how can you play the in shape at some stage in the quick, you must have power to combat. She says I realize, I will handle, intellectual power is wanted to win, it comes with the aid of using a own circle of relatives support, I will now no longer faint down, you’re with me. He says I don’t agree. She says simply want me all of the best. He says all of the best. She asks him to have sweets. Suwarna asks how will Kartik eat, its his rapid additionally. Kartik says I can preserve the quick and cheer for you, husband additionally desires his spouse, now no longer simply spouse want to wish for her husband’s life. He hugs her.

The guy declares Sirat’s call and praises her. Kartik makes Sirat ready. He says you may win, those who plotted towards you may lose, you need to win and encourage all of the girls. She says our complete own circle of relatives is here, besides Surekha. He says the entirety might be fine, I promise, your cognizance must be at the in shape, not anything else. Sirat is going within the ring. Arvind asks Sirat to simply cognizance and realize the opponent’s game, she will win. Suwarna recollects Surekha’s phrases and cries. Sirat performs the in shape. She wins. Everyone claps for her.

Surekha recollects anyone and receives sad. Suwarna comes. Surekha receives angry. Suwarna says I actually have come to express regret and take you home. Surekha says I don’t have a sister, simply pass from here. Kartik says you’re gambling well, preserve the spirit, its the ultimate in shape now. The guy says the very last in shape goes to begin now. Kartik says you may defeat the opponent, pass for it. Suwarna apologizes to Surekha. She says Sirat has proven religion on you and proved you right, she went to locate evidence for your favor. Surekha asks why, we don’t like every different. Suwarna says you each are same, and talk your heart, she didn’t say some thing incorrect approximately you, she defined us that you may’t do this, she depended on you extra than the own circle of relatives, you must live dissatisfied with me, its my mistake, .

I will depart the residence in case you say, come again, anyone is cursing themselves for letting you pass, Sirat is feeling responsible which you left the residence due to her, its a massive in shape for her today, the complete own circle of relatives went with her, however she is expecting you, please don’t punish her. Sirat receives dizzy. She falls down. Kartik shouts Sirat. He asks Sirat to stand up. The referee count. Kartik asks her to stand up and combat, she will’t lose. Kairav says come on, combat. Surekha comes with Suwarna. She cheers for Sirat. Everyone receives amazed seeing Surekha. Surekha says in case you need me to return back again home, then you need to win this in shape. Kartik says now her go back relies upon on you, stand up. Sirat receives up. Everyone claps.

Kartik asks Sirat to have water, the in shape is extra imp, the complete u . s . a . is watching, please don’t think about some thing, have water and combat, I m your moon, study me and ruin the quick, for our sake, you may’t cheat the u . s . a .. Surekha says don’t realize how she is managing. Suwarna prays for Sirat. Sirat says no Kartik, I don’t want the water, seeing Surekha here, I were given braveness and power, I will drink water after triumphing the in shape. He says you want water, don’t be mad. She says I promise, I will ask for water if I want it, provide me one chance, I should win the in shape. Everyone cheers for her.

Kairav asks anyone to return back out, moon has appeared. Aarohi’s pram receives swapped. Kartik sees a few different child and asks who’s this child.


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