Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Dadi pronouncing you’re our guests, allow us to serve you. Anand asks them to name the lady. Harsh says I didn’t meet your different granddaughter additionally. Akshu and Aarohi come there. Manjiri smiles. Anand and Harsh greet Aarohi and welcome her withinside the own circle of relatives. Manjiri says you’re ideal for my Abhi. Akshu greets her. Manjiri says you each are identical in appears and Sanskar. Akshu thank you her and says you also are true. Aarohi and Neil argue. He says you appearance true today. She says you appearance nonsense. Parth says Abhi is at the way, he’ll come. Nishta says we can do the shagun until he comes. Anand says yes, we can provide unique shagun, we can provide jewelry later, this unique present first. Akshu asks what’s interior it. Aarohi sees a doctor’s coat and her ID card. She says its very unique for me, thanks so a good deal. She wears the coat and additionally the ID. Everyone claps.

Harsh says now she appears an excellent Birla bahu. Manjiri wards off her horrific sight. Neil says I will click on her pic. He clicks the own circle of relatives pic. Dadi cries and says a lady raised in our own circle of relatives is going in a few different own circle of relatives. Mahima thinks how did any confusion now no longer appear there. Parth says Abhi messaged, he wrote sorry, there may be a good deal traffic. Dadi says its fine, we can sing and dance until then. Manjiri asks Aarohi to sing a great song. Aarohi says I don’t sing. Manjiri asks her to sing. Neil says Akshara sings well. Manjiri asks Akshu to sing. Harsh says Manjiri were given a person to fit her tune. Akshu refuses. Neil and Aarohi insist. They ask Manjiri to mention the song. Manjiri says I simply have one fav song. Akshu says Piya tose…Manjiri says Abhi might have advised you, you sing that later, you sing some thing of your choice.

Abhimanyu says the direction were given clear, we can attain there in five mins. Akshu sings O Kanha…. Everyone smiles. Abhimanyu and Mahima come home. He hears Akshu making a song and runs in the house. Akshu sees Abhimanyu on the door. Everyone claps for her. Akshu movements again and steps on a few wires. The mild is going. Vansh and Kairav visit check. Abhimanyu is going to Akshu. He connects the plugs. Lights come. He greets Akshu. Mahima says the groom has come, examine him. Everyone smiles seeing Abhimanyu. Mahima meets them. Aarohi thinks I will communicate to Abhimanyu. Nishta says Akshara moved the twine on the proper time via way of means of mistake, my brother had a grand entry. Aarohi compliments him. He says thank you, you furthermore mght appearance true. Manjiri cries thankfully and hugs Abhi. Dadi says we can begin the rasam now. Anand says yes, surgeons can get a name anytime, Abhi become busy in surgical procedures given that yesterday. Akhilesh says we are hoping Aarohi additionally will become such. Abhimanyu says I m sure, she could be a great doctor. Manjiri indicates the ancestral bangles. Mahima says Abhimanyu’s bride gets it. Dadi says we can do tilak. Vansh says we can do it in unique style, we can play a game, you need to provide us the bangles. Manjiri offers the bangles. Abhimanyu says we can do rasam first. Mahima calls him desperate. Aarohi says I don’t like such games, Akshu likes it. He says I m ready. Neil teases him.

Vansh blindfolds Abhimanyu. He asks him to locate his love and make her put on the bangles. Aarohi says he’ll make me put on the bangles. Parth asks him to the touch hand and see. Abhimanyu says I don’t need. He is going to Aarohi. Dadi and Suwarna ask him to prevent. He is going to Akshu and holds her hand. He makes her put on the bangles. Mahima smiles. He says I understand I actually have held the proper hand. Neil says do away with the blindfold and appearance yourself. Abhi sees Akshu. Aarohi attempts to do away with the bangle. He asks what are you doing. Akshu says its only a game. Aarohi says I don’t like it. Akshu says prevent this game, make Aarohi put on those bangles. Manjiri says yes, come for tilak. Abhi receives shocked.

Manjiri says Abhimanyu were given his happiness today. Abhimanyu says this tilak can’t appear, I love Akshara and need to marry her. Aarohi receives angry.


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