Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with kartik asking are you now not nicely. Sirat says no, i m first-class. Chauhan asks ranvir to mention, what’s troubling him. He says i can’t see you want this, inform me. Ranvir falls in his feet and cries. Chauhan asks him to arise. Ranvir says forgive me. Chauhan hugs him and says chill out, why are you apologizing, what did you agree. Ranvir says i didn’t accept as true with you when you attempted to inform me approximately kartik and sirat, i didn’t concentrate to you, she cheated me, i loved her.

Chauhan says i knew it, this lady isn’t deserving of you, her reality will come out and you may be maximum harm. Ranvir says forgive me papa. Chauhan gets emotional. Ranvir says i didn’t understand you, you continually attempted to inform me the fact, i was blind in her love, i concept they may be simply pals, they’ve cheated me, i misplaced two family members, one of friendship and different of love. Chauhan says they gained’t get stored via doing incorrect with you, simply do what i say, then see, i’m able to now not leave them. Ranvir hugs him. Ranvir’s creativeness ends. Chauhan asks what occurred, are you first-class, what are you wondering.

Ranvir gets sirat’s name. He recollects her phrases. Kartik asks her to relax, ranvir reached home, why is she tensed. She says i’m able to’t breath. Ranvir solutions. Sirat says thank god you replied the call, why did you leave from there, why aren’t you saying anything, are you excellent, pass and lie down, i’m able to name the health practitioner, i m coming, kartik is coming to drop me. Ranvir receives indignant. He says come domestic, we are able to speak. Sirat asks are you exceptional. Ranvir says i had a few imp paintings. Sirat says i used to be so involved for you. He thinks you don’t recognise what i went through. She asks him to have meals, then she will be able to supply him drug treatments. She asks kartik to drive speedy, its time to present medicines to ranvir. Ranvir gets angry. Chauhan looks at him. Kartik says ranvir went for his paintings. Sirat says he turned into mendacity, don’t recognise why, i m now not incorrect.

Chauhan says i m your dad, i have a proper to understand what took place to me, i gained’t advice you if you don’t need, tell me what occurred. Ranvir thinks of sirat’s words. He says i just came to say that i m making an investment on a boxing group, i’m able to announce in the event these days. He thinks sirat’s hatred for you is greater than my love for her, if i inform you, then you may do some thing in anger, i will speak to her. Kartik drops sirat. He asks sirat to offer drug treatments to ranvir on time. Ranvir and chauhan examine them. Kartik leaves. Sirat comes inner. Saroj says ranvir… they pay attention a legitimate. Saroj says this sound is coming out of your room.

She falls. Sirat stops. Saroj asks her to move and spot ranvir. Ranvir breaks the furniture and replicate. Sirat asks did you pass mad. He shouts don’t pass. She hugs him and says chill out. He says whilst you didn’t love me, then why did you marry me. She cries. He says you got engaged to kartik right, why did you marry me then, why did you cheat me. She asks who told you. He says your own voice is recorded in this, birthday party night, i didn’t listen the ones matters, it were given recorded. Kartik comes domestic. He says a few count is there for certain, else ranvir would have now not long gone like this, i should not communicate between husband and spouse, they’ll type it.

Ranvir throws the cellphone. He asks why didn’t you tell me, you know how much i really like you, i might have long past from your life, did you pity me or concept i will die in few days. She cries and asks why are you announcing this. He says i trusted you the maximum, you knew i can’t tolerate cheat and lies, what did you think, you killed me, i can’t tolerate this.

Sirat says forgive me, i m sorry, i didn’t intend to cheat you. Ranvir asks what’s known as cheat then, you have been responsible seeing my nation, you served me for that guilt. She says no, i m your wife, my feelings are authentic, so i did that, i should spend my lifestyles with you.

He says lie. She says i m saying the reality, consider me. He says truth is, you don’t love me, you love kartik, that is your fact, i will deliver the reality out in the front of all of us, and first in the front of kartik. She says no, don’t do this, i m already ashamed, kartik doesn’t realize anything, i’m able to’t meet his eyes, don’t tell him. Ranvir says i don’t understand all ths, i received’t pay attention now.

She says don’t do this. Kartik asks helper to make a cup of strong tea. He calls sirat. Ranvir takes sirat with him. Chauhan and saroj look on. She asks in which are you asking her. Chauhan asks what took place. Ranvir says its among me and my wife, better don’t get into this.

He takes sirat to the car. Sirat says pay attention to me once, you could’t pressure me to tell this to everyone, i m sorry that you bought hurt, i accept the punishment, i don’t need to make clear every body. He says little need to clarify to me. She says i have to inform the truth, this time i received’t have any loss, i had advised you once i realized the entirety, if i was wrong, then why might i inform that to you, i m no longer scared or helpless to be with you, i m with you because we have a relation, simply you are there in my life, do you consider me. He shouts sit down in the vehicle. He drives recklessly. Kairav and vansh argue. Kartik gets questioning. Sirat asks ranvir to prevent the auto, they could speak. Ranvir says there may be not anything left to speak, understood. She sees a truck coming. He turns the guidance wheel.

The auto hits somewhere. Kartik sees a toy vehicle fallen and picks it. He concerns. Ranvir and sirat’s car crashes. Kartik says why am i just thinking of ranvir and sirat. Sirat falls outside the car. Ranvir is caught inside the upside became car. The petrol starts leaking. Fire catches there.

Precap: sirat gets up. She runs to keep ranvir. She asks him to arise. She additionally faints there. The automobile blasts.


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