Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaigaichelvan is the AIADMK candidate for Aruppukottai constituency. If possible, the sitting MLA should be the DMK candidate. KKSSR will be notified.

In this context, the People’s Justice Center has announced Umadevi as its Aruppukottai candidate. Umadevi, who is the party’s general secretary of state, is the president of a popular textile company called ‘Sreejayavilas’ in Aruppukottai. The company employs thousands of workers from Aruppukkottai and its environs.

Since Umadevi is a candidate who attracts substantial votes, is the damage in the vote bank to the DMK? Overreach? The question arises. So, both the big parties are in turmoil.

The sitting AIADMK MLA from Sattur constituency, who has left the AIADMK and joined the AIADMK in the presence of DTV Dhinakaran, has resigned. Rajavarman met reporters. He then said, “My point is that those who work are not given a chance. It is by the authority of KD Rajendrapalaji that I have been denied the opportunity. If Rajendra Balaji wins the Sivakasi constituency again, I will leave politics. Rajendrapalaji has been working with alternative parties.

DTV Dinakaran will come to power after the assembly elections. Everyone should question why Rajendrapalaji is shifting from Sivakasi constituency and standing in Rajapalayam. I am united with the united support of the people and the support of the party executives. This is the beginning, I am the first to come. A lot more people will come. The people of Tamil Nadu will learn a lesson from the betrayal of Chinnamma.

Rajendrapalaji, was not in favor of any community people. The Deputy Chief Minister and the Chief Minister are aware of all the problems going on in our district. The Lord can no longer save the AIADMK. The party is playing pawn. Jayalalithaa Ursavar; The source is Sasikala. Sasikala is the one who did good to the people of all communities. The minister who gave the post to a lot of people. How Sasikala begged to be general secretary, it will happen again after the election.

I have submitted a petition to contest in Sattur constituency. I will contest if the General Secretary orders. The ministers are the same as the leadership. Our ambition is to defeat the AIADMK in all the 7 constituencies in Virudhunagar district. ”


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