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Jayalalithaa’s friend VK Sasikala, who was released from a Bangalore jail on January 27, ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly elections on April 6, issued a statement on Wednesday saying, “I have decided to stay out of politics and pray for Jayalalithaa’s golden rule.”

The 2 page letter signed by VK Sasikala was first published on Jaya TV. In the letter, he appealed to Jayalalithaa’s supporters to work hard to ensure her mother’s rule. Sasikala’s letter reads, “Mother’s volunteers must work to prevent the mother (Jayalalithaa) who showed us that our common enemy is an evil force from staying in the DMK regime and to stay in power wisely and to establish her mother’s golden rule in Tamil Nadu.” He also thanked his mother’s true volunteers and good souls for their love and concern for her.

Sasikala’s surprise decision is expected to help the ruling AIADMK and prevent a split in the vote. However, this has come as a shock to his nephew DTV Dhinakaran, who was ousted from the AIADMK in 2017 along with Sasikala. The late Jayalalithaa defeated AIADMK and DMK candidates amid stiff competition in the RK Nagar constituency by-election. After that, he started the Mother People’s Progressive League party in March, 2018. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the AIADMK won 4 percent of the vote.

Within minutes of Sasikala’s statement, DTV’s Dinakaran told the media that he did not agree with Sasikala’s decision. “I tried to talk to him. I reassured him நான் I told him it was unnecessary now. I asked him to stay in politics. I was about 30 minutes late in releasing his statement. But, I can’t stop him from making decisions personally, can I? DTV Dhinakaran said.

Earlier, DTV Dinakaran had said that he would lead the Third Front in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) elections, which he had formed alone while Sasikala was in jail. Also, on Wednesday, he said his party was in talks with other major parties and the candidates would be announced on March 10. But since Sasikala’s sudden decision will pose a new challenge to Dinakaran, the AIADMK-BJP alliance will have the opportunity to highlight it and hold a meeting. In addition, it is expected that the votes of the AIADMK volunteers will be able to avoid division.

DTV Dinakaran said he did not know what led Sasikala to make this decision. After his release from prison, Sasikala took 24 hours to travel 350 km by road from Bangalore to Chennai in February. On the Bangalore-Chennai highway, more than 100 people were waiting to welcome him. On the day he reached Chennai and even on Jayalalithaa’s birthday celebrations, he would return to politics. He had stated categorically that he would start meeting people soon.

“Maybe, it means he has nothing to claim.” I said I would reinstate the AIADMK as its leader. I keep saying that I am a follower of my mother. But he (Sasikala) may think that the party is not united now. So, he would have stepped aside for the right time. He may think it will help unite everyone, ”said DTV Dinakaran.

After Jayalalithaa’s death in December 2016, Sasikala took charge of the party. Sasikala stood firm when O. Panneerselvam led a team against his leadership on the advice of some RSS and BJP leaders. The O. Panneerselvam faction was defeated in a vote of confidence in the Assembly. Moreover, he elected his confidant Edappadi Palanisamy as the Chief Minister of the AIADMK in early 2017.

Sasikala, who was convicted in a corruption case, has completed his 4-year jail term. He returned to Chennai last month as a different person. The late Jayalalithaa was the first person to be charged in the property accumulation case.

Dhinakaran, however, had distanced himself from Sasikala’s place in politics. Both said Ammukha was formed after he was expelled from the party. “I started this party when he was in prison. I made the party. I faced elections. Now we are forming an alliance (Third Front), ”Dinakaran said.

Senior AIADMK leader KP Munuswamy welcomed Sasikala’s decision. Dinakaran said he wanted to destroy the AIADMK. When asked about Sasikala rejoining the party, he said, “Time will tell.”

Sasikala’s family sources told The Indian Express that his decision came as no surprise. “He lived with his mother for 30 years. Now he has lost his mother. He was serving a prison sentence. Husband lost… He has no children and no one to take care of him at this age. If he wants to save the party too, he will have to fight for it. He wastes all his energy. But for whom should he achieve all that? Sources say.


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