Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the ladies asking Madhu to control Diya, her bahu. Armaan makes Diya understand that its not good to be too sweet. He says many people come in life, handle people differently. He encourages her. She smiles and says green belt. He says you did good to tell this, I will be careful now, I know this was your dream job, you aren’t made for jobs, you do something and live for your dreams, I m with you. Anju calls Diya. Diya says I slapped Jaggi twice and resigned. Anju says you left the job, you got married, you have more responsibilities now. Diya says I have done right. Anju asks did you apologize and leave. Diya says no, I slapped Jaggi. Anju says you did very good, no use to tell you anything. She sits angered. Armaan says now I understand how you got so much anger. Diya says mummy doesn’t understand. He says because she is mummy, she was worried for you. She asks was she saying right, did I decide wrong, if my career ends. He says no, nothing ends in life, it just moves on. Palki tries to calm Anju. She says I m so proud of Diya. Anju asks will she sit at home now. Palki says Armaan is with her this time, he will support her. Anju says I don’t find this right. Diya and Armaan have icecream and have a moment. Madhu calls Armaan. Armaan and Diya come home. Madhu asks why did you not answer my calls. He says sorry, it was on silent, what happened. She asks him to check the phone how famous Diya has become. Armaan and Diya see the video. Madhu scolds Diya for defaming them.

Armaan says I will not leave the person who made this video. Madhu says the video has gone viral, Diya had no shame before doing this. Diya says this video is wrong, they made me a villain in the video, is it wrong for a woman to raise voice for her rights. Madhu taunts her and asks her what will she do to show her character is good. Armaan asks Madhu to trust him. He says I was there, Diya did right, she taught a lesson to her boss. Diya says he was against me, he always judged me because of my complexion, is this not wrong. Madhu says what’s wrong, he will say what is the truth, he can’t you dark person fair, you slapped him in anger. Diya asks shall I tolerate all this. Bhavna says you should have left the job on the first day itself, I m saying this for your betterment. Madhu asks what will Bhavna’s inlaws think, what will Sudha say, what are people talking about your character. Armaan shouts enough Bua ji, don’t say anything about her character, I blindly trust her. He holds Diya’s hand. Madhu says you have to think for the house’s respect. He says Diya is the Laxmi of this house, I will always support her. She says Diya should apologize to her boss. He says no, she will work on her terms and keep her esteem. Madhu says enough, she has done job for long, stop all this now. Diya goes. Armaan goes after her. Madhu asks Bhavna is Diya really such. Bhavna says no, but we can’t say, we saw her ex BF pics, sorry. Madhu asks her to say. Bhavna says she had an affair, her pics also got viral, her roka had happened and then it broke. Madhu is shocked. Diya says I m thinking of Sudha, not Madhu, Sudha has given me the responsibility, how will I face her. Armaan says we will face her together, she will understand.

The episode ends.


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