Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra takes Preesha on terrace for a date. She says its searching so fine, its now no longer honest that he wore fine garments and she or he is carrying easy ones. He says she can be able to put on five new garments and indicates her attire. Anvi returns to her room crying. Sania congratulates Arman this is plan is working. Arman says now no longer yet, he’ll name Preesha this night right here to destroy her date with Rudra. Sania says he turned into an elegant man or woman earlier than like an excellent man or woman, however now he’s the use of reasonably-priced tactics. He says anything it its, the whole lot is honest in love and conflict, love with Preesha and conflict with Rudra. She says he’s misusing her and Anvi for that. He says she will depart. She says she can not depart the metropolis because of courtroom docket order. He asks to live again then and convey an onion for him. She asks why. He explains his plan.

Rudra asks Preesha to put on all five attire proper right here. She says she can be able to now no longer get dressed like heroine. He says she is his spouse and must satisfy his demands. She is going to extrade get dressed in the back of a curtain whilst Mere Rangme Range Wali, pari hoya.. music performs withinside the background. she comes out carrying policewoman’s get dressed. He dances together along with her. Arman walks to Anvi and acts as consoling her announcing Preesha did incorrect through gifting Saransh and now no longer her. Sania brings onion and hides it below Anvi’s pillow. Arman asks her now no longer to cry in any other case she can be able to get fever. Sania says she is already having fever. Arman leaves. Sania acts as consoling her. Preesha then wears wite sari and dances with Rudra. Arman places thermometer in warm water, tests Anvi’s temperature, says Anvi has excessive fever, must neglect about Preesha as she loves best Saransh and now no longer her. Sania says they each will love her. Anvi says she desires Prishma. Sania makes her sleep.

Rudra’s romance continues. Preesha attire subsequent in violet sari like Hum Apke Hain Kaun movie’s Madhuri Dixit and romances him. Arman says Anvi has excessive fever, Preesha must were right here to attend to her. Anvi says she smells onion right here. Arman says its due to the fact she is having excessive fever. Sania asks what’s going to they do now. Arman says they want to confess Anvi to sanatorium if temperature increases more. Preesha subsequent attire like Maine Pyar Kiya movie’s Bhagyashree and romances Rudra. Rudra says subsequent she must get dressed in his preferred fantasy, however its k if she feels uncomfortable. Sania and Arman maintain to frighten Anvi. Anvi insists to name Prishma. Sania says she can be able to name Prishma. Preesha subsequent wears a quick get dressed and is derived out protecting herself with a blanket. Rudra indicators her to dispose of blanket. She gets rid of blanket shyingly. He covers her again, lifts her, and says she may be very lovely and its best for him. She lies her on bed, unveils her, and says she seems lovely while she shies. She closes eyes while he attempts to kiss her.

Sharda rushes to them and informs that Sania had known as and knowledgeable that Anvi is having excessive fever. Anvi says her telecellsmartphone isn’t always together along with her and is going to extrade. Rudra says it have to be Arman’s trick to maintain him and Preesha away. Sharda says Sania sounded tensed, perhaps Anvi is having fever. Preesha returns and feels responsible for scolding Anvi. Rudra consoles her and takes her to Arman’s home. Arman preheats thermometer once more and tests Anvi’s fever once more. Rudra and Preesha reach. Sania says its 103 stages Fahrenheit. Rudra seeing Arman comfortable thinks if its his trick. Preesha asks Rudra why didn’t he tell her earlier than.

Arman says he didn’t need to disturb her, however while Anvi’s temperature raised, Sania had to name her. She asks him to move whilst she looks after Anvi. He leaves. Rudra then thinks Arman is calling truly tensed, calls Sharda and informs her that Anvi is truly having fever and he doesn’t assume Arman did anything. Sharda asks to be with Anvi and now no longer hassle approximately Saransh. Arman hears his communique and thinks Rudra without difficulty believed him, he doesn’t understand what’s going to he do subsequent. He enters Saransh’s room and takes him away. Vase falls down whilst going. He receives tensed wondering Sharda can also additionally get alert. Sharda walks down and sees vase fallen down and principal door open, thinks if a person had come.

Precap: Sharda unearths Saransh lacking and informs Rudra. Rudra insists to tell Arman and knocks his room door. Sania calls Arman to tell him. Arman incorporates Saransh on road.


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