Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arman selections his hidden digital digicam from Rudra’s room and walks out while Sharda sees him and asks while did he come. He says he got here to take again Anvi. She says she didn’t see him coming from door. He says she ought to now no longer have observed him. Anvi walks to him and says she doesn’t need to live with Saransh as he name callings her. Arman says as Preesha told, they’re like brother and sister and shouldn’t fight. Anvi accompanies him. Sharda thinks she locked principal door, how did he are available in then, she wishes to tell Rudra. Rudra with Preesha returns and dances fortunately together along with her and says he has a large precise information for her. Preesha says Rudra quickly may have a song live performance.

Sharda receives glad and asks if deal is finalized. Rudra says quickly it will. Preesha says pinnacle five song agencies need to sing agreement with Rudra. Sharda says his precise days back with go back of Lakshmi. Rudra praises Preesha subsequent and receives romantic, however stops seeing Sharda. Preesha is going to test on Saransh. Sharda informs Rudra approximately Arman’s access suspiciously, remembering the incidents, and says some thing goes in Arman’s mind. Rudra angrily shouts he’ll educate Arman a lesson and asks how did he input residence uninformed. Sharda stops him and says he can not show it with out evidence, in order that they ought to collect evidence first.

Ahuja enters and presenting Rudra and Sharda candies informs that Rudra’s live performance is booked and he need to be prepared in five days. Preesha joins them. Ahuja informs her same. She congratulates Rudra. Ahuja says Rusha’s enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating them. Preesha and Rudra have fun. Advocate Mishra enters. Rudra asks if there’s any problem.

Mishra says his troubles are solved, courtroom docket gave Saransh’ custody to him and gave all his accept as true with fund and closing houses until Saransh turns 18. They each have fun greater and provide belongings files to Sharda. Sharda says with god’s grace their troubles are solved, they suffered a lot and their precise time restarted. She is going to hope god. They each hug every different again. She says she will’t agree with all their troubles are solved. He receives romantic and says even dad and mom want me time. She asks how he desires to have a good time his me time. He says he deliberate a date on terrace and she or he wishes to put on her jhalle type/bizarre clothes. She says he wears bizarre clothes. He says he has a marvel for her tonight.

Arman returns home. Sania asks him to prevent risking his recognition as he might had been stuck with the aid of using Sharda today. He says Sharda doesn’t have any evidence towards him. She says he need to be cautious and can not move there similar to that. He warns her to act properly. She says she is telling this for his precise. Anvi’s trainer calls him and informs him approximately Anvi’s precise grades. Sania asks why is he smiling. He says he were given a purpose to go to Preesha’s residence often,

Anvi were given precise grades, however he’ll inform Preesha that she were given horrific grades and she or he wishes to educate Anvi. At Rudra’s residence, Preesha brings presents for Anvi and Saransh and tells Sharda that she loves each youngsters as Saransh is her son and Anvi supported her while she had misplaced her desire on lifestyles after dropping Saransh. Arman walks in with Preesha and says she wishes to educate Anvi as she were given low grades. Anvi says her grades are precise. He stops her and says trainer complained. Preesha is of the same opinion to educate Anvi and takes her along. Arman follows them.

Preesha teaches Anvi and Saransh, offers them a test, and walks out for a few work. Arman sees Anvi writing solutions proper, sends Saransh and Anvi to name again Preesha, and modifications Anvi’s solutions. Preesha returns and seeing Saransh’s solutions offers him present. Anvi asks her to test her solutions quickly and deliver her present. Preesha assessments and says all her solutions are incorrect. Anvi says she gave proper solutions.

Preesha says Saransh gave proper solutions even after struggling a lot, Anvi need to examine from him. Anvi says Saransh copied her. Saransh says he didn’t. Preesha says Arman loves her every now and then and scolds her maximum of the time, even Preesha is turning into like her. Preesha says she prevent misbehaving, even then she can be able to deliver her present this time. Anvi receives greater rebelious. Preesha says Anvi will now no longer get present till she corrects herself. Arman enters and after listening to Preesha says he’ll educate Anvi.

Preesha says Anvi will now no longer get present till she research well. Anvi walks away. Arman follows him. Preesha feels guilty. Rudra cheers her up and reminds her of tonight’s date. Arman hears them and thinks he’ll smash their date. After a few time, Preesha brings present for Anvi and tells Arman that she added present for Anvi and could provide an explanation for her how incorrect she was. Arman says she will meet her, however she is sleeping. Preesha says she can be able to watch for Anvi. Arman says she shouldn’t smash Rudra’s plans and move. She asks him to provide present to Anvi for sure. He says, however as soon as she leaves, throws present away and orders servant to throw it in dustbin.

Precap: Sania informs Preesha that Anvi is having excessive fever. Preesha assessments and asks Arman why didn’t he tell her. He says he didn’t need to disturb her. Sharda hears a legitimate from Saransh’s room, assessments, reveals him missing, and informs Rudra..


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