Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saransh calls preesha and requests her to come to him quickly as he’s feeling sick. Preesha rushes to rudra’s residence concerned. Saransh acts ordinary and asks rudra why did he ask him to act. Rudra offers him choc, and he fortunately runs out. After sometime, param brings baarat for his and mishka’s wedding. Sharda and rudra welcome him and make him sit down in mandap. Pandit starts offevolved rituals and asks to name bride.

Venky enters mishka’s room via rest room window. Preesha walks to saransh and asks if he is satisfactory. He says he’s. She asks why did he lie. Rudra enters and he requested him to lie. Mishka hears a valid in her lavatory and opens it to find venky there. Venky strangulates her. Preesha confronts rudra for tricking her and calling her there and says she will be able to take saransh from there. He forcefully lifts her and takes her to his room and ties her to a chair even as she tries to face up to. He then tapes her mouth and says she spoke loads and now its his flip. Vyjayanti takes water bottle to venky’s room and notices blankets over pillows on his bed instead of him. She calls preesha.

Saransh knocks door and informs preesha. Rudra takes smartphone and switches on speaker. Vyjayanti informs that venky isn’t always in his room and she is worried. Rudra says he knows in which is venky. Preesha worried for venky insists rudra to loose her. Rudra says venky is in khurana house and indicates her live cctv footage wherein venky threatens to spoil mishka’s lifestyles. Mishka pushes him away and says he can not do something as param trusts her and is marrying her. Venky says she ruined his lifestyles and he suffered for 10 years because of her, now she will suffer for the rest of her existence. She says she could be satisfied with param forever and he can’t do anything. Venky keeps venting out his anger. Mishka provokes him extra to expose his genuine intentions and asks if he is troubled approximately his parents and sister. He says he is not as they left her to die on medical institution bed for 10 years. Preesha is shattered to see venky’s true face.

Rudra asks if she desires to see more or shop mishka. He breaks door open and punches venky. Venky tries to punch back angrily but starts offevolved acting seeing preesha. Preesha slaps him. Rudra exhibits that he planned all this to show venky and is going into flashback in which he explains param approximately venky’s plan and convince him to act as marrying mishka to show venky. He then explains his plan to mishka who concurs to do anything to reunite him and preesha. Out of flashback, rudra says preesha is aware of his drama now.

Preesha confronts venky that he betrayed all and sundry and kept them in darkish, rudra is her existence and she trusted venky as opposed to him, he didn’t spare even amma and used even her, he isn’t always her brother however an evil, she is afraid that her mother and father will shatter seeing venky’s authentic face. Venky apologizes. Preesha says he will visit prison now.

Episode ends

Precap: vasu confronts preesha that venky is in jail due to rudra, so she should get out of her house with rudra. Venky kidnaps mishka. Saransh hides in venky’s automobile and informs rudra..


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