Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra sees devika sporting the rings which he present to preesha. Devika thank you him for the gift. He asks where did she get them from. She says preesha gave them and found out that he had deliberate a surprise present for her, how are they searching. Rudra looking at preesha says they may be looking gorgeous. Devika is going to expose the earrings to sulochana. Rudra recalls his and preesha’s romantic moments in prison. Tum na hue mere to kya.. Track performs inside the history. Chachaji with arman walks to preesha and says she is looking very quite in purple sari. Preesha thank you him and says credit is going to arman who decided on her this sari and holds his fingers. Rudra receives jealous on the grounds that. Sulochana noticing that asks rudra to bop with devika. Rudra walks to devika and calling him wifey asks if she will be able to dance with him. She consents and walks on dance floor. Bunty meets cab driving force and requests him to drop her to the girl’s area whom he had picked from khan marketplace round 5 p. M. Motive force says his shift ended. Bunty gives him 5000 rs and asks him to drop him there now. Driver has the same opinion. Bunty thinks he will realize if rudra certainly noticed mishka. Rudra intimately dances with devika to make preesha jealous. Arman takes preesha on dances ground and touches her at the same time as dancing. Rudra burns in jealousy, drags arman away and slapping him shouts how dare he’s to touch his preesha. Devika asks what nonsense is that this. Rudra shouts preesha is his wife.

Devika asks then why did he love her then. Rudra says it was a drama as he befriended her to find out if her bhabhi is preesha and came to goa to discover that; preesha is best his and he will no longer permit arman come close to her. He emotionally tells preesha that he cannot tolerate arman close to her, he loves her immensely and she must be again to her. He says her i really like you. She says i like you too and hugs him emotionally. Rudra gets out of creativeness while anybody clap after their overall performance. Cab driver drops bunty outdoor mishka’s residence. Rudra sees ashutosh suryavanshi call board and jewelry bell. Ashutosh opens door. Bunty asks him to name mishka as he saw her coming here. Ashutosh says no one named mishka stays here, threatens him to leave otherwise he’s going to call police. Bunty thinks his doubt is proper that rudra noticed a person else. After dance overall performance, rudra insists preesha to dance with him. Preesha asks him not to get adamant as anvi is sitting with them. Rudra tells anvi that her preeshma hates him. Anvi says preeshma loves him loads and will even dance with him to prove that. She insists preesha to bop with rudra. Preesha is of the same opinion and goes on stage. Rudra thinks bunty didn’t call him yet, so if he must inform preesha about mishka. He asks if arman gifted her this sari and reminds that he additionally talented her similar sari long back. She says it changed into her beyond. He asks why did she provide his talented earring to preesha.

She says he wrote a note its for someone unique, so she gave it to devika as devika is his gift and he is marrying her and she or he will no longer permit him hurt devika. Rudra gets bunty’s call and on foot apart asks if the woman was mishka. Bunty says he determined a person in preference to mishka in that residence who threatened to call police, so rudra saw a few different lady as opposed to mishka. Rudra says he is sure that female changed into mishka and asks if he went to the right address. Bunty says sure and asks him to agree that he saw someone else. Rudra recollects the prevalence and says he’s certain it become mishka and is coming to him proper now. Bunty asks if he has long past mad to leave his sangeet halfway. Rudra says if miskha is alive, even saransh is alive, so he wants to seek his son. Bunty has the same opinion. Rudra lies to sulochana that he desires to wait an vip consumer in his hotel and could go back in 1 hour. Arman says allow him move. Rudra leaves. Preesha thinks rudra prefers own family over work, then what crucial paintings does he have than own family.

Precap: sulochana requests preesha to let devika and rudra’s marriage end. Preesha says even she wishes equal. Arman’s detective informs him that preesha’s complete name is preesha srinivasan and she or he turned into married to a well-known character earlier., his name is. Rudra and bunty are bowled over to peer something in mishka’s house.


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