Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharda and Vasu inquire as to whether she addressed Rudra and persuaded him. Preesha says Rudra is occupied with his companion’s child, so she proved unable. Vasu says she needs to by one way or another and proposes her to take nourishment for Rudra and clear their disparities. Sharda backs her and asks Preesha not to delay. Preesha leaves. Vasu trusts their battle closures and they rejoin. Rudra calls Reema when Preesha enters with food and he disengages it and says he needn’t bother with food and requests that she remove it. She inquires as to whether she is terrible to the point that he would not like to have food with her. He yells that he more than once advised her not to affront his mom and sibling, but rather she proceeded and brought modest Yuvraj and got him hitched to Ahana, how might she deceive them; even now she is discovering changes to affront his mom; she isn’t a similar Preesha and is somebody who needs to end his family. She stands unfortunately. He says she is here a result of maa or, in all likelihood he wouldn’t endure her at all and yells to go. She leaves crying reasoning she will persuade Rudra at any expense. Yuvraj seeing her tears and out of Rudra’s room gets glad reasoning his arrangement is working.

Saransh strolls to Preesha says he is eager, so would he be able to have it. She concurs and thinks Sunny additionally probably had food yet. Rudra feels remorseful for venting out his resentment on Preesha as a result of Sunny, considers calling Preesha and advising her about Sunny, at that point considers affirming with Reema first. He calls Reema and her telephone isn’t reachable, so he considers getting some information about his mom.

Sulochana vapor that Kabir went to Goa without illuminating her, where will she discover him, and thinks Yuvraj spoilt her entire arrangement. Yuvraj strolls to her singing and educates that Preesha left Rudra’s room crying, so their arrangement is working. She gets cheerful. He says he has set a dhamaka. She asks what is it. He says everybody will discover when it occurs.

Rudra demands Sunny to tell who his mom is, yet Sunny keeps showing demeanor. He inquires as to whether his mom’s name is Reema, he will make him anything on the off chance that he helps him. Radiant inquires as to whether he doesn’t help and advises truth to everybody. Preesha enters with nourishment for Sunny and asks which truth, demands him to talk. Rudra trusts Sunny doesn’t tell truth as he hasn’t affirmed it yet. Radiant says Rudra is his daddy. Preesha is stunned to hear that. Radiant embraces Rudra and says he is Rudra’s child, requests that Rudra tell that he acts like his dad and chastens him for everything; he believed he will appreciate here, however Rudra is acting like his dad. Rudra says on the off chance that he does botches, he will clearly act like his dad. Radiant grumbles Preesha aunt and takes food plate. Rudra says he won’t from hereon, gets Goa’s flight ticket affirmation messages and books even Sunny’s tickets.

Rudra with family arrives at Gao and recruits an extravagant home. Sulochana says where will they search Kabir. Mishka says Ahana isn’t picking even her call which she never used to do, her telephone is turned off at this point. Rudra asks not to stress as they are as yet in Goa. Preesha asks inn staff to keep her baggage in Rudra’s room. Rudra says they will remain in various rooms. Sonia grins hearing that. Rudra gets specialist’s call who shares Kabir and Ahana’s area. He enthusiastically requests that agent watch out for them till he comes to there. Sulochana demands to go with him. He requests that she stand by till he brings them here. She concurs. He cautions Sunny not to make any wickedness until he returns and leaves. He arrives at area and seeing Kabir and Ahana idiotically calls them from a distance without going close to them. They avoid seeing him. He requests that specialist continue to follow them and gets back tragically. Preesha considers addressing him. Bright demands him to take him to pool. He concurs. Sonia goes along with them. Saransh feels Sad seeing tha.t Rudra perks him up and takes him along. Preesha thinks his state of mind is fine now, so she will get some information about Kabir and Ahana later.

Rudra appreciates swimming with Sunny, Sonia, and Saransh when Sulochana inquires as to whether he met Kabir and Ahana. He says he met them, yet they fled seeing him. She asks when will they discover Kabir and Ahana. Rudra asks her not to stress as examiner is looking through them. She sits aside and exhaust that Kabir has let her resemble his dad, she will rebuff him once he comes. Sonia falls on Rudra while playing. Sulochana trusts Preesha watches that. Preesha strolls in and feels desirous. Sulochana figures she would have asked 500 crores from god rather than this and appreciates seeing Preehsa’s desire. Saransh requests that Preesha go along with them. Sonia additionally calls her. Preesha says forget about it. Saransh demands once more. She says she doesn’t know swimming. He says even he doens’t know swimming and Rudra showed him, so Rudra will educate even her. Rudra concurs. Preesha sees Sonia getting more personal with Rudra and leaves seething, figures why Rudra can’t fail to remember what occurred and carry on like previously.

Precap: Rudra offers toys to Sunny and solicitations to illuminate who his mom is. Radiant pitches fits and inquires as to whether he isn’t embarrassed that being his daddy he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about his mom’s name. Sharda is stunned to hear that. Bright says he is Rudra’s child.


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