Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Venky receives indignant on Rudra and thinks he didn’t rape Mishka, however Rudra is trapping him in rape case. He recollects appearing as raping Mishka until she falls subconscious and questioning she ruined his lifestyles with fake allegation and he’ll make her go through entire lifestyles now. Out of flashback, he thinks how will he break out from DNA record as Mishka had his pores and skin samples in her nails, Rudra trapped him in his personal game. Preesha returns domestic with Mishka and Rudra and assures Mishka that she can be able to get her brother punished if he’s responsible. Back to room, Mishka panics asking what if Preesha reveals out that Venky didn’t rape her and that they falsely alleged him, Preesha goes in opposition to her brother to assist her and could shatter if she reveals out they lied to her. Rudra says Venky desires to smash her lifestyles, in order that they ought to maintain what they’re doing and disclose him in the front of his sister. Venky reaches health center and disguises himself as a ward boy.

Preesha feels anxiety headache. Saransh enters and insists to grease rub down her scalp to alleviate her headache. She agrees. He massages her head. Serial’s name tune performs withinside the background. Rudra enters and takes Saransh’s place. Preesha senses him, receives indignant, and asks what’s he doing here. He says he’s massaging her scalp. She says she is helping Mishka and didn’t forgive him. He says he desires to reveal Venky who’s worst than Mishka, etc. She says he broke her believe with the aid of using mendacity her and hiding fact. He says he did it with a reason. She says hiding fact is likewise a shape of betrayal. Their argument keeps while Vasu calls Preesha sounding tensed and asks her to return back domestic proper now. Preesha with Rudra and Mishka go to her. She says Venky has long gone someplace not able to undergo Mishka’s allegations and he or she fears he’ll damage himself again.

Venky returns domestic and says she added evidence of his innocence, he by no means raped Mishka. He recollects getting Mishka’s record from lab disguised as a ward boy and suggests it GPS. GPS says record is negative. Vasu suggests record to Preesha. Venky says Rudra lied and confirmed them a tampered record. He cries that don’t recognize why Rudra is making an attempt to show him responsible and in the back of him. Preesha confronts Rudra. Mishka says she shouldn’t blame Rudra as Venky got here to her room and acted as raping her to defame her, Rudra made a faux record to reveal him, etc. Preesha holds Rudra’s face and asks if he confirmed her faux record. He nods yes. She says then there’s not anything left among them as she can not live with a person who lied to her. He pleads to pay attention to him once. She says they confronted many troubles collectively, however he used her and attempted to show her brother incorrect for Mishka forgetting Mishka wrongly alleged her brother 10 years in the past and ruined his lifestyles. Mishka attempts to talk. Preesha says she went in opposition to her own circle of relatives for them, however they betrayed her. Rudra says he thought. She says he thinks most effective approximately himself with out bothering approximately other’s feelings. She ends her ties with him and sends him out of house. They each cry status close to door. Serial’s name tune performs withinside the background.

Vasu receives a coronary heart attack. Family panics and rushes her to health center. Rudra and Mishka go back domestic. She feels responsible that Preesha broke up with him due to her. He says he knew Venky could do this, Preesha is blindfolded in her brother’s love, she is indignant on him and he’ll disclose Venky in the front of her.

Precap: Preesha tells Venky that they can not be collectively anymore. Rudra informs Sharda that Preesha isn’t geared up to just accept Venky’s mistake. Sharda says Venk misused Preesha’s weak point, even he ought to use Venky’s weak point and disclose him. Mishka receives geared up for marriage. Rudra ties Preesha to a chair and says she spoke a lot, now he’ll talk and he or she will pay attention….


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