Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha shows Vasu her room. Vasu asks what’s going on here, why Rudra is so irate, for what reason was Sulochana telling on the off chance that she knew it before she wouldn’t have come here. Preesha says this isn’t going on in view of her. Vasu inquires as to for what reason was Sulochana telling that she won’t excuse Preesha, for what reason did Ahana and Kabir abscond, and why Yuvraj was calling Ahana as his significant other. Preesha says she will tell everything.

A kid strolls to Rudra with his packs and says he came to meet him. Rudra asks who is he. Kid says he came to remain with him as he is his child Sunny Rudraksh Khurana. Rudra stunned asks how might he be his companion. Bright says he is actually his dad, he went to his home first and taking homestead house’s location came here. He gives his mom’s letter who composes that Sunny is Rudra and her child and since she is having a genuine disease and will pass on, she needs him to deal with Sunny; she further composes that they were intensely intoxicated at their companion’s gathering and got private unwittingly because of which she got pregnant; she never needed to advise him about it, however since she is biting the dust, she can’t let Sunny be. Rudra thinks back his companions demanding and forcibly feeding him liquor. He opposes, yet they make him drink until he is intensely intoxicated and falls oblivious. Out of flashback, he thinks he become inebriated during party and don’t recollect what occurred straightaway, who is Sunny’s mom, he simply realizes that there were 3 young ladies in party and doesn’t recall laying down with anybody of them. Radiant inquires as to whether he recollects who his mummy is. Rudra says he is attempting to recollect. Bright says he needed to educate him about mummy, yet seeing him not recalling mummy by any means, he won’t advise him who his mummy is. Rudra irately asks how might he recall and how might he accept that he is his child. Bright beginnings enthusiastic dramatization and cries that in the event that he doesn’t recognize him as child, he will likewise pass on like mummy. Rudra comforts him and says he will drop him to a lodging. Bright says there is time limit outside and he is feeling hungry. Rudra says he will take him in and figures what will he answer family, particularly Preesha.

Preesha discloses entire issue to Vasu. Vasu says such a lot of occurred here, great that GPS didn’t come here or probably he wouldn’t have endured it; she says Rudra is on the whole correct to help his mom and sibling, Preesha fouled up by getting Yuvraj her issues and on the off chance that she has question on Sulochana and Kabir, she should accumulate evidence first. Preesha says Sharda likewise said same. Vasu says Rudra got his mom and sibling after quite a while and she is attempting to ruin it, so Rudra is clearly disappointed; she ought to accomplish something and persuade Rudra or, more than likely her marriage will be in question. Preesha concurs.

Rudra takes family out to meet Sunny. Sharda asks who is this kid. Radiant says he is Sunny. Rudra says Sunny Kharbanda and thinks back persuading Sunny to lie that he is his companion’s child to keep away from his family’s scrutinizing and discover his mom. Radiant asks what will he get on the off chance that he lies. Rudra says anything he desires. Out of flashback, Rudra says Sunny is his companion Ravi Kharbanda’s child who is stuck in US and until he returns, Sunny will remain with them. Sharda says as she recollects that, he doesn’t have any companion named Ravi Kharbanda. Rudra says he met Ravi during show. Sulochana requests that Sharda quit addressing more. Radiant inquires as to whether she is Rudra’s mom, would he be able to call her as daadi/grandmother. Sharda concurs. He says he is ravenous and needs food. She goes to get him food. Rudra thinks he took care of circumstance for the time being, what will he tell Preesha.

Saransh picks milkshake glass seeing Sharda conveying it. Radiant attempts to grab it saying he needs it. Preesha strolls in and asks what’s going on. Saransh says Sunny is grabbing his milkshake while he is telling that Daadi will set him up another glass. Bright demands and drives Saransh away. Preesha asks who is this kid who is getting rowdy with Saransh. Rudra advises that Sunny is his companion’s child who will remain here and persuades Saransh to give him milkshake. Saransh parts with his glass and strolls with Sharda. Radiant requests that Rudra show his room. Rudra takes him in. Preesha thinks when Rudra is so possessive about Saransh, for what reason did he disregarded him for Sunny. Rudra shows Sunny his room. Radiant demands to get him electronic helicopter and other toys. Rudra stunned with his costly interest concurs reluctantly and thinks who this Sunny truly is, on the off chance that he truly laid down with a young lady during party.

He calls his companion Bunty who was available around there and inquires as to whether he recollects Reema’s local gathering. Bunty says Rudra become inebriated and was not so great. Bright says a kid strolled in and says he is his child and gave his mom’s letter who says he got personal with her during that party and made her pregnant. Bunty avoids even mentioning that sort occurred and regardless of whether that occurred, he would have recollected that it or educated him in any event. Rudra says he doesn’t recall whether there were young ladies around there. Bunty says there were 3 young ladies, Rekha, Simran, and Reema whose party it was. Bright requests that how discover who is Sunny’s mom among 3. Bunty requests to call every one of them 3 and talk. Rudra calls Rekha first who commends his singing and asks how could he recollect her after quite a while. He thinks she looks very energized and not sick, so inquires as to for what reason didn’t she go to the previous party. She says she needed to visit her better half’s family member, so they can party once more. He says sure and detaches call. He at that point calls Rekha who says she suffers a heart attack and 2 youngsters, thinks even she can’t be Sunny’s mom and thinks just Reema is left at this point.

Precap: Vasu and Sharda demand Preesha to persuade Rudra as he is irate in light of her. Radiant compromises Rudra to advise truth to everybody in the event that he doesn’t satisfy his interest. Preesha enters and asks what truth. Radiant says Rudra is his dad, leaving Preesha in stun and Rudra strained.


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