Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anvi irately pushes Arman and says he and Saransh get into mischief with her. Arman acts furious on Anvi and figures Preesha will get up from mandap without a doubt now. Preesha sitting in mandap calls Anvi and says she is there for her. She asks her not to loathe Arman as he is her father and Saransh resembles her sibling. Anvi says Saransh consistently inconveniences her. Rudra says he will deal with Saransh. They cause Saransh and Anvi to sit in their lap, and he ties mangalsutra in her neck. Chachaji remarks Arman that wedding is finished and he was unable to do anything. Sania insults Arman next.

Arman inquires as to for what reason didn’t she do anything. She says she is associated with a police case and can’t do anything, he can simply watch Preesha and Rudra’s wedding. Arman stands seething. Pandit declares wedding is done. Vasu says they are a couple now. Sharda praises them. They contact older folks’ feet. Vasu gets enthusiastic. Rudra says Preesha will be with her for 1 more day till Punjabi wedding. Sharda says these are bittersweet tears satisfaction. Vasu favors him. He says he preferred Tamil gifts and Tamil young lady. Sharda says let us implore god.

Preesha gets some information about Anvi and says he shouldn’t have chided Anvi. Arman says anybody would blow up with what she did. Preesha says when he set aside such a lot of effort to comprehend, Anvi is a child and will be harmed more in the event that he blows up on her. He figures he won’t let her meet Anvi. Preesha strolls towards Anvi’s room when Chachaji stops her and says she is Preesha Rudraksh Khurana now and not Arman’s better half, so he can’t let her meet Anvi; she isn’t essential for this house any longer and can’t visit here regularly,

so she should like them live without her as they did previously. She asks how might he think like that. He says Anvi’s genuine mother will deal with her. Sania brings juice for Anvi and gets some information about Anvi and focus on her own life. Preesha inquires as to for what reason didn’t she thinks about it when she left Anvi. Sania answers even she is leaving Anvi, so she shouldn’t meddle a lot of now. Preesha leaves unfortunately. Chachaji tells Sania that Rudra called him on schedule and asked him not to allow Preesha to meet Anvi. Sania says even she dealt with circumstance well. Chachaji says don’t have the foggiest idea what is Arman’s next arrangement. Sania goes in to take care of Anvi.

Arman in front room offers champage to Chachaji, Rudra, and GPS and says they ought to observe Rudra’s unhitched male’s party around evening time. Preesha enters and says she won’t allow as she probably is aware what occurs in single guy’s party. Arman inquires as to whether she doesn’t confide in her Rudra. She says she does however.. Sania with Vasu and Sharda joins and says young ladies will commend their party with western outfit topic. Arman says young ladies will partake in their party and young men will partake in lone ranger’s party around evening time. They all concur.

Arman then, at that point, goes into Anvi’s room and seeing her pressing her garments asks where is she going. She says she is going with Preesha as he reprimands her consistently. He is sorry her and says she can’t go with Preesha as she is hitched to Rudra now and will remain with Rudra and her genuine child Saransh, she has failed to remember her and subsequently even she ought to fail to remember Preesha. Anvi cries. Arman thinks he needed Anvi to respond likewise. He strolls to Chachaji and illuminates that he will make Rudra inebriated vigorously and won’t allow him to go to wedding, he will make Rudra and Preesha battle and take separate, and so on Chachaji says he can’t comprehend his ridiculous dreams.

Rudra gets heartfelt with Preesha and takes her to room. Chachaji inquires as to whether he actually figures he can isolate them, he ought to fail to remember Preesha and continue on. Arman says he will cause Rudra to fail to remember Preesha all things being equal and will dominate the match without a doubt. Rudra takes Preesha to her room. She requests that he drop her down and asks not to accomplish something modest during party as he is hitched now. He says he would not like to go to party and needs to invest energy with his significant other. They get personal and head to kiss one another.

Precap: Arman gets Rudra vigorously inebriated during unhitched male’s party and figures he doesn’t need Rudra to go to his own wedding. Sania gets Anvi seized.


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