Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Preesha maintains to study sonia’s letter for rudra suggesting him to beware of his mom as she used her to trap him and separate him and preesha. She keeps that he is a great man, however his mother and brother are surely awful who together with yuvraj and mishka are looking to take saransh’s custody for his cash. She similarly well-knownshows how yuvraj took her and rudra’s intimate pics while not anything occurred, how yuvraj manipulated dr. Swamy, how they kidnapped vasu and threatened saransh to take kabir and mishka’s name for custody, and many others. Rudra feels bad listening to about his maximum relied on mom and brother betraying him. Inspector says he receives comparable instances regularly, culprits cannot get away and he’s going to get lower back his son, they’ll name rudra for ransom money, till then he’ll make arrangements.

Kabir together with his crew hides in an vintage manufacturing facility. Sulochana yells that he delivered them from motel to a grimy vicinity. Kabir says they’re fugitives. Sulochana says he could have taken her to a higher place. Mishka says they may be caught in the event that they go to a very good vicinity. Sulochana says she can die out of suffocation and says she has a plan. Mishka asks what is it. Sulochana says they will meet rudra, plead him for forgiveness, go back saransh and are searching for some cash from him. Kabir says rudra gets them arrested. Sulochana says she will be able to act nicely and beg rudra’s forgiveness. Mishka walks aside shouting to maintain her drama ahana calls her and asks why did she kidnap saransh when she has saransh’ custody. Mishka says yes and explains entire scenario. Ahana shows her to head away from sulochana and kabir otherwise she may be in hazard, they don’t need to proportion assets with sulochana and kabir. Kabir says she knows and could act as she is with them. Ahana asks to be careful. Mishka says she knows and disconnects name. Sulochana maintains yelling at kabir. Kabir asks her to wait and watch what will he do. He calls rudra from a brand new sim card.

At rudra’s location, inspector connects rudra’s cell with software to song kabir’s region and asks rudra to pick out call while he calls. Rudra choices name seeing unknown quantity. Kabir asks if he need to tell him bhai or rudra. Rudra says he has misplaced proper for each. Kabir threatens him to give him a hundred crores by way of day after today in exchange of saransh and let him, mishka, and sulochana flee from the united states of america. Rudra asks how will he set up 100 crores in this type of quick span. Kabir threatens to kill saransh else. Preesha pleads no longer to damage saransh and is of the same opinion to set up 100 crores by means of the next day. Sulochana scolds kabir for asking 100 cores in 1 day. Kabir says rudra is a rockstar and its smooth for him, he don’t supply a rattling how he arranges one hundred crores. Mishka thinks kabir is a fool to suppose rudra will effortlessly provide him cash and let him flee, she has to make separate preparations with ahana’s assist. Inspector informs rudra that he couldn’t’ music kabir’s location because of short name and says usually kidnappers don’t return victims after you have money, so rudra should be alert and tell him whenever kabir calls. Preesha cries hugging rudra.

Yeh hai chahatein… performs inside the background. Rudra calls his contacts and requests to arrange a hundred crores in a day at any price. Vasu walks in. Preesha hugs her and informs that kabir with mishka and sulochana abducted saransh and is demanding 100 crores. Vasu bowled over says she knew sulochana isn’t always proper. Preesha says rudra is arranging 100 crores and asks vasu approximately sharda. Vasu says sharda’s brother’s condition worsened, so she dropped sharda in rehab center and cab right here. Rudra arranges 100 crores and loads cash in automobile. Kabir calls him and asks him he involves police, he will kill saransh. Rudra pleads now not to harm saransh. Kabir asks him to satisfy him at a given area in 1 hour with cash and if he entails police, then neglect saransh. Preesha says they want to call police.

Rudra says they could’t as kabir will kill saransh. Preesha concurs and says she will accompany him. He receives into automobile. She asks vasu to inform police to music her vicinity and capture kabir and his group. Vasu agrees. Preesha and rudra go away. Mishka tells sulochana and kabir to head and acquire money whilst she waits and brings saransh to their said region, and if some thing takes place, she will disguise with saransh. Kabir consents and leaves with sulochana. Rudra and preesha await kabir on the said location. Kabir comes with sulochana and asks if he brought money. Rudra asks approximately saransh. Kabir says he will get money as soon as he gives a hundred crores. Preesha says she will provide no longer deliver cash until he shows saransh. Kabir threatens to damage saransh if he doesn’t give a hundred crores. Rudra concurs. Preesha stops him and asks not to believe kabir. Rudra says he cannot danger his son’s life and offers 100 crores to kabir.

Precap: police reaches the spot. Rudra says he didn’t call police. Preesha says she did. Kabir says he knew she would do that, so he didn’t deliver saransh and will kill him. Mishka thinks she can break out with both 100 crores and saransh and let kabir and sulochana get arrested.


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