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Riddhi Dogra will soon be seen in Alt Balaji’s The Married Woman. Riddhi Dogra is one of the actresses who has shown her stamina not only on the small screen but also on OTT and has won the hearts of the audience every time with her performance. Before the release of The Married Woman, Riddhi had a special chat with Live Hindustan .

You have played many different types of characters in your career, so what scale do you keep while choosing a character?
There are two to three things in my mind while choosing a character. One is that the character should be a little challenging. I am very choosy and critical. I like to do something new, I cannot do the same thing again and again. With this, the team means a lot to me, whether it be a web series or a TV show. If the team is passionate then I enjoy working.

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that if you are not an actress, which professional would you be?
Hmmm … if I was not an actress, I could do a lot more things. I love doing makeovers, I was a stylist before becoming an actress. I could also be a therapist, I have a good ability to understand people. At the same time, I could also be a writer, which I will also do. I have written a lot in lockdown and I will keep writing in future.

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Any message for your fans?
I want to say thank you to all my fans. Thank you very much for your love. I got a lot of love from the audience for Asura. We were in lockdown, but I continued to find love on the Internet. I want to thank everyone by spreading my arms. With this, I also want to say that I am not going to stop now.

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Which projects will you see after The Married Woman?
We are about to start shooting for Asura 2 soon. Along with this, many other projects are also being talked about, which I cannot open anything about.


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