Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha tells Arman that she can’t go back, so allow all and sundry assume that she is lifeless. She says they may depart India. Arman says they may do some thing she says, its true for her toddler, they may begin a brand new existence farfar from Rudra and her past. She agrees. He attempts to hug her. She stops him. He says he’s simply involved for him, they may cross a ways farfar from right here to Australia. She says she desires to relaxation and returning to her room thinks she doubts Arman seeing that the start after listening to inspector Chautala again to discover Arman’s involvement in Sania’s homicide. She similarly thinks she desires to show herself innocent, then she can be able to go back to Rudra and display that she is pregnant, until then she can be able to live with Arman and play video games with him to discover who’s Sania’s actual murderer.

A tune enterprise agent Rahul Khanna comes to satisfy Rudraksh. Sharda says he can’t meet Rudra. Rahul says he is aware of the entirety approximately Rudra, enthusiasts are madly keen to observe Rudra on stage, he desires to assist Rudra. Sharda says he can’t and takes him to Rudra’s room wherein he’s seeing crying looking Preesha’s pics. Rahul insists, however Sharda sends him away. Saransh notices Rudra’s circumstance and tells Sharda he is aware of what to do. Sharda takes juice for Rudra and requests him to have it. Rudra denies. Saransh says he left college and could now no longer have meals like Rudra. Rudra asks him to have meals. Sharda asks Saransh to have meals as his mom is looking him anywhere she is. Saransh says mamma desired him to end up well-known and Rudra to be a massive singer, however seeing that Rudra isn’t troubled approximately her wish, he’s going to additionally now no longer. Rudra hugs him and thinks he’s going to stay for his son now on and apologizes Preesha for now no longer looking after their son. Sharda informs that an agent desires him to signal for concerts.

Arman returns home. Chachaji asks him why he isn’t troubled approximately Preesha’s death, Anvi is in deep shock, and why is he separately promoting their Indian businesses. Arman says its his business, so why is Chachajii troubled; he’s doing all this to disappear Preesha’s pain. Chachaji thinks how did Arman extrade suddenly. Preesha in her room pukes because of hormonal adjustments and thinks she and her toddler are lacking Rudra, quickly they may meet him. She feels suffocated and attempts to stroll out. Guards prevent him and request to live lower back in room on Arman’s orders and open her room home windows for clean air. Preesha fumes on Arman and determines to show his fact. Arman visits her after sometime. She receives irritated on Arman for confining her in a house. Arman asks her to loosen up as they’re nonetheless in India and she or he can’t exit openly, he has booked their tickets for Australia and that they each with their kids will stay fortunately in Australia. Preesha thinks allow him dream, she can be able to divulge him quickly.

Rahul meets Rudra and informs that he has prepared a live performance to day for him as his enthusiasts are mad to listen him and tickets were given bought in 2 hours. Rudra says he’s forming a enterprise Preesha information and could sing completely for it. Rahul agrees. Rudra thinks he’s doing this for his and Preesha’s son Saransh and could be Saransh’s position model. He panics earlier than live performance and says he can’t sing. Sharda attempts to calm him down. Rahul offers him a drink. Rudra calms down and imagines Preesha coming and preserving his hand taking him to stage. Yeh Hain Chahatein… performs withinside the background. Sharda asks Rahul what did he supply to Rudra. Rahul says he gave him a big drink to relax. Sharda asks him now no longer to copy it in any other case Rudra becomes an alcoholic again.

Constable throws Sunil’s female friend in prison and orders her to show fact to Chautala if she desires to escape. Mishka withinside the equal prison mobileular enables her. Lady cries that her boyfriend Sunil fell for Sania and Arman’s lies and were given into trouble. Constables takes female lower back away. Mishka listening to approximately Arman and Sania’s call thinks she desires to discover if they’re equal Arman and Sania. Constable throws lower back female in prison mobileular and says she can be able to now no longer get meals till she exhibits Sunil’s fact to inspector. Woman feels hungry. Mishka offers her meals to her and asks her call. Woman says her call is Reshma and Sunil is her boyfriend. Mishka asks who’s murdered. Reshma says nobody because it turned into only a drama.

Precap: Reshma exhibits Mishka that Arman performed a homicide drama to split Rudra and Preesha, Sania is alive. Mishka asks if Preesha is in prison in Sania’s homicide case. Reshma says Preesha is lifeless in an accident. Arman exhibits Chautala that he has hidden Sunil in keeping with his plan. Mishka calls Rudra and informs that she has a evidence with the intention to show Preesha innocent.


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