Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Venky acts as getting intense headache to divert all people’s interest and burn his scientific reviews. Vasu asks if he’s great now. He says he has a chunk of headache left and thinks Rudra idea he could disclose him with the aid of using displaying his scientific reviews to all people and recollects Dr. Radha’s assistant calling him and informing that Rudra took away his unique reviews after which burning reviews with the aid of using diverting all people’s interest. Vasu unearths Venky now no longer having his medicines. Rudra says he’s going to name Dr. Radha for Venky’s checkup. Venky insists now no longer to name Radha. Rudra says its only a habitual checkup as they need to make certain he enjoys wedding ceremony capabilities tension-free. Dr. Radha comes and assessments Venky. Rudra takes her apart and informs how Venky bribed her assistant to alternate unique reviews. Radha calls her assistants, unearths him on leave, and tells she can be able to retest Venky and make certain she is in my opinion gift there. Venky notices them chatting and thinks what ought to be Rudra’s plan.

Mishka asks Preesha to pick out a sandal for her sangeet rite. She selects one. Mishka likes it. Venky notices sandals. Preesha and Mishka then Ekta Kapoor’s garb emblem Ek. After sometime, Preesha receives equipped for sangeet function. Rudra statistics her video and says he’s going to watch her video in her absence. Preesha says she may be with him always. He says she is going to sanatorium regular and attempts to hug her while Saransh enters and asks them to prevent combating and allow him report their video. He takes Rudra’s cellular and asks him to get equipped for the function. Rudra receives equipped in a sherwani. Saransh statistics all people’s video and is going to report Rudra and Preesha’s video. Rudra attempts to get intimate with Preesha again. She attempts to stroll away and he attempts to drag her with the aid of using her shirt strap and it tears. She hurriedly hides her modesty pinning herself to a wall and scolds Rudra. Rudra thank you god for giving him an possibility to hug Preesha and hugs her. He then takes her to room retaining her from behind. Saransh statistics their video.

Venky enters Mishka’s room, breaks her sandal, refixes it with a mild glue, and thinks as soon as Mishka walks on level and falls down, he’s going to experience titanic pride and take revenge from her. Sangeet rite starts. Saransh and Vidhi host the occasion and announce Rudra and Preesha’s dance performance. Rudra and Preesha carry out on Wah Wah Ramji.. song. GPS, Vasu, and Sharda carry out subsequent on Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyar Hum.. song. They then announce Param and Mishka’s performance.

Precap: Mishka’s sandal breaks throughout dance and he or she falls down. Rudra notices glue in heels and is stunned to observe Saransh’s recorded video. He asks Mishka if she is aware of Venky from before. Mishka receives afraid while a person enters her room and shuts her mouth…


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