Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saransh strolls to Preesha while she is hitting the dance floor with Rudra, stoops down and asks will she hit the dance floor with him. Preesha recollects Saransh asking same before his cognitive decline and genuinely embraces him. The two of them lift and hit the dance floor with him cheerfully. Arman sees that and gets back to Anvi. Anvi inquires as to whether Prishma didn’t come. Arman says Preesha is with her genuine family and won’t come, she failed to remember her. Anvi gets more said and watching Preesha hitting the dance floor with Sarnash and Rudra breaks. Arman says Preesha got her genuine child Saransh and failed to remember Anvi. Preesha says thanks to Rudra that due to his tune act, Saransh recollected this tune.

Rudra says after their marriage, Saransh’s memory will totally be back. Preesha says the two of them will cheerfully live respectively with Saransh and Anvi and seeing Anvi calls her for dance. Anvi doesn’t respond. Arman and Sania keep on programming her. Rudra inquires as to whether Aniv is as yet furious on her. Preesha educates how Arman halted Anvi and rest of the episode. Rudra feels Arman is planning something. He strolls to Anvi, brightens her up, and takes her for a dance. Sania inquires as to whether Preesha is an entertainer that she effortlessly persuaded Anvi even after they conditioned her. Arman says he previously planted a seed of uncertainty to Anvi, Anvi won’t let Preesha wed Rudra.

Rudra and Preesha hit the dance floor with Anvi and Saransh on old news. Chachaji leaves incapable to bear same show and hears Bunty conversing with somebody over telephone and requesting to discover DGU Sound Company’s subtleties and send him its subtleties, he will uncover whoever is double-crossing Rudra. He goes to illuminate Arman. Preesha inquires as to whether she appreciated dance, she shouldn’t blow up on her once more. Arman says for what reason will she when Prishma is with her, he is glad for Preesha and will miss her when she goes out. Chachaji approaches him and educates him that Rudra is getting his DGU sound organization’s subtleties and number, he ought to accomplish something.

Arman calls assistant to dispose of sim, however she doesn’t pick call. Rudra gets Bunty’s call and leaves. Chachaji sees him and requests that Arman continue to attempt while he handles visitors. Rudra meets Bunty who requests that he call that number till his companion tracks that number’s area. Rudra says let him check whether Arman is behind it. Arman’s secretary picks call, he requests that she dispose of telephone and sim used to call Rudra as Rudra is attempting to follow it. She complies with him. Rudra discovers number turned off. Bunty requests that he unwind as they will see it later and requests that he go to sangeet.

Chachaji calls Vasu, GPS, and Sharda on dance floor and hits the dance floor with them. Rdura brings upset back. Arman seeing him gets glad reasoning he was unable to discover any proof. He hauls Rudra on dance floor. Rudra inquires as to why he looks cheerful out of nowhere as though he got away from something. Arman says he ought to be tragic rather as he is removing Preesha from him. Rudra inquires as to whether he is jelaous.

Arman requests to stop this and appreciate dance. After dance, Rudra discloses to Preesha that they will have both Punjabi and South Indian wedding like previously and inquires as to whether he can deal with game plans. Arman says he can do anything for Preesha, he is glad for them. Sharda says let us return home and return new tomorrow. Rudra says he lost his bandanna and requests that Preesha go with him. Sharda insults them. Rudra approaches Preesha and gets heartfelt with her. She shies

Precap: Vasu prepares glad considering Preesha to be south Indian lady of the hour. Rudra and Preesha’s South Indian wedding begins. Sania reveals to Arman that if this marriage occurs, he can’t do anything. Arman if marriage can occur without mangalsutra, says he will take it.


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