Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha’s police van catches hearthplace whilst a truck crashes with it and escapes. Van bursts. Constable calls inspector Chautala and informs her approximately the coincidence. At Khurana house, Sharda teaches Saransh and seeing him having bloodless offers him steam treatment. Vasu asks her to accompany her to courtroom docket, however Sharda denies mentioning Saransh’s health. Vasu reaches courtroom docket. Preesha’s attorney informs Rudra that if Preesha doesn’t attain on time, her case listening to can be postponed. Rudra calls police station and asks if Preesha left for courtroom docket. Constable informs that she left lengthy in the past with inspector Chautala. Chautala calls Rudra and informs him in element approximately Preesha’s coincidence. Rudra stands in shock. GPS takes telecellsmartphone next. Chautala informs him approximately the coincidence and informs that Preesha isn’t anyt any more, she is sending GPS area to attain there. GPS additionally stands in shock. Rudra shouts Preeshaaa. They all three attain coincidence venue. Rudra attempts to hurry toward Preesha’s lifeless frame. Chautala stops him and says because of excessive effect of coincidence, frame burnt into ashes. Rudra pushing everybody apart unveils Preesha’s face and shatters seeing her charred frame. He cries vigorously. Vasu attempts to console him. Chautala suggests Preesha’s damaged earrings pieces.

Arman kidnaps Preesha, walks subconscious Preesha resting on bed, and thinks she is lifeless for the sector and can be handiest his for all time now. He wakes her up. She panics seeing him and says she changed into going for courtroom docket listening to, who delivered her right here. He says he abducted her and taken her right here, remembering his guys kidnapping her and changing her with a burnt frame. Out of flashback, she asks how can he try this and attempts to leave, however feels dizzy. He walks toward her in concern. She warns him to live farfar from her as Rudra discovered his reality already and he can’t even contact her. Arman says enough, he delivered her right here as she is pregnant. She recalls Rudra consummating together along with her and imagines the entire incident. Out of flashback, she thinks Rudra doesn’t bear in mind approximately their consummation, she can be able to tell him.

Back at coincidence venue, Rudra panics wondering how will he tell this information to maa and manage Anvi and Saransh. Vasu cries the entirety is finished. Reporters throng him and query if his spouse died in an coincidence, his profession restarted simply now and it’ll quit with is spouse’s demise, etc. Chautala sends Rudra away scolding newshounds to admire his privacy. Arman on the alternative aspect informs Preesha that he’s running difficult to discover who murdered Sania and recalls Preesha falling subconscious in police station, medical doctor checking her and informing Chautala that Preesha is pregnant. Chautala warns constables that handiest she can be able to tell Preesha approximately her pregnancy. Arman meets his formative years pal Chautala and thanking her for dealing with Sania’s case. Chautala offers him important evidences in Preesha’s case and famous that Preesha is pregnant.

Precap: Arman informs Preesha that he is aware of approximately make-up artist Sunil. Ani watches Preesha’s demise information and informs Saransh.
Sharda additionally stands greatly surprised listening to that. Preesha thinks she need to tell Saransh and Anvi that she is alive.


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