Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra walks toward Preesha to tell her approximately Venky’s evil act. Venky thinks Rudra is adamant, so he ought to prevent him earlier than he informs Preesha. He rushes to Preesha earlier than Rudra and says he needs to reveal her some thing and offers her a gift. She opens it and sees a mug with world’s pleasant written on it. She asks it ought to be world’s pleasant sister. He offers any other mug to Rudra with pleasant couple written on it. Preesha receives glad. Rudra says there has been no want for a lot effort. Venky says his sister is his life, she works so difficult for each families, etc. Preesha receives greater glad listening to that. Rudra thinks Venky is oversmart and confirmed him that he can without difficulty control Preesha emotionally, so he has to show Venky’s reality somehow. He calls Dr. Radha and requests her to satisfy him day after today to talk about approximately Venky’s case development. She has the same opinion. Preesha hears him and asks what changed into she speakme to Dr. Radha. He says he changed into discussing approximately Venky and questioning the way to get him properly soon, they had been taking into account getting him a activity to enhance his morales. She thank you him for considering Venky and says they each will go to Dr. Radha. He says of course, even she can be able to recognize approximately Venky’s development.

Next morning, every person are busy studying dance for sangeet while Preesha walks down ready. Vasu asks wherein is she going. She says she with Rudra goes to satisfy Dr Radha to recognize approximately Venky’s development. Venky hears their conversation. Rudra and Preesha meet Dr. Radha and talk approximately getting a activity for Venky to hurry up his development and make him experience ordinary. Dr. Radha says aleven though Venky is behaving ordinary at domestic, he isn’t uncovered to outdoor surroundings yet, so she can not allow him to work. She assessments Venky’s file and says he isn’t mentally in shape yet. Rudra notices Venky with Radha’s assistant and thinks what’s he doing there. Venky hides. Preesha thank you Rudra for questioning top approximately her brother. He says he needs her to peer Venky’s development and notice his authentic face. She asks what? He says he needs her to peer Venky’s development.

Once they leave, Venky receives out of hiding and recollects how he heard Preesha’s conversation, reached Dr. Radha’s sanatorium, and bribed assistant to extrade reviews and display that he isn’t mentally in shape yet. Rudra acts as expecting an essential name and realizes he left his telecellsmartphone in sanatorium itself and asks Preesha to attain domestic in vehicle and cope with sangeet preparations even as he brings his mobile. e returns to Radha’s sanatorium and questions assistant who lies before everything however then has the same opinion after a slap and offers him authentic CT test file. Rudra returns domestic with file and attempts to tell Preesha, however she maintains reviews apart and takes him to carry out ritual. Venky noticing file drops it in hearthplace and acts as getting extreme headache to garner every person’s attention. Rudra noticing reviews burning realizes Venky outsmarted him.

Precap: Rudra meets Dr. Radha and informs her that she noticed Venky’s incorrect reviews. She says she can be able to get retested again.
Venky hears their conversation. Venky breaks Mishka’s sandal and refixes it gently with a glue and thinks as soon as she is going on dance ground and dances, her sandal will wreck and she or he will fall down..


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