Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachaji claps and tells preesha that she cooked up an excellent tale, she went to devika’s room even after arman’s warning and easily consoled devika. He maintains that she is the only who went to devika’s room final and she is the one who killed devika. Sulochana tells sharda that they desired to have a good time rudra and devika’s wedding, however are mourning devika’s death.

Bunty walks in and asks approximately rudra. Sulcohna says he has gone to hotel. Bunty says he is not there and calls rudra who informs that he is at arman’s residence and there is a big problem. Bunty informs identical to sulochana and sharda. Sulochana says she can not accept as true with arman and his chachaji as they may be hell bent to prove that rudra murdered devika they head toward arman’s house.

Preesha pleads chachaji that she is harmless. Chachaji says she is and proof is in opposition to her. She asks arman if he additionally thinks she is a murderer. Chachaji asks her to stop her acting and asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector orders constables to arrest preesha.

Rudra tries to guard preesha and says there’s some misunderstanding and he ought to take dna take a look at once more. Inspector says they test it four-five times not to punish an innocent and with all the proofs against preesha, she is convicted. Rudra keeps that he knows preesha properly who became sacrificing her happiness for devika and will in no way kill her, he will now not allow them to arrest preesha.

Inspector says he’ll arrest him additionally for interfering of their responsibility. Sulochana tries to pull him back, however he constantly stops constable. Preesha subsequently stops him and shall we constable handcuff her. Hamari adhri kahani.. Track plays inside the history/

anvi rushes to preesha and asks wherein is she going leaving her alone. Preesha says she is gambling disguise and are seeking for like they do. Anvi pleads her now not to play this recreation and pass far from right here. Chachaji takes her away.

Police takes preesha towards jeep. Rudra holds preesha and shouts its incorrect, he’s going to not allow them to arrest her. Inspector warns him, however rudra keeps his regular drama. Constable trashes him.

Preesha’s romantic mode receives on, she conserving him offers her promise and asks to let her go. He calms down. Their palms part away, and constables take her away. Rudra says he’ll no longer let preesha alone and will go to police station. Bunty accompanies him. Hamari adhri kahani… music maintains inside the history. Constables whole arrest formalities and take preesha in the direction of jail mobile. Rudra reaches her,

and constables don’t even notice him. She says she didn’t murder devika. He pampers her and their romantic mode gets on again. Constable returns and asks rudra to go away. Preesha says she is worried for anvi. Rudra promises her to bail her out. Constable drags preesha away at the same time as rudra resists again. Every other constable asks him to leave, but rudra gets adamant.

Bunty drags him away. Rudra receives adamant that he’s going to show preesha harmless and get out actual murderer. Bunty asks how. Rudra says he will test arman’s house’s cctv footage. Bunty asks who will supply him pictures as anyone knows him. Rudra receives an concept and sends him to arman’s residence disguised as constable. Bunty insists watchman to provide wedding day’s cctv photos. Watchman denies.

Bunty threatens to send him to jail. Watchman has the same opinion and starts offevolved copying pictures. Rudra sees chachaji coming and whistles. Bunty takes pictures and rushes away. Watchman attempts to inform chachaji, however chachaji busy over telephone leaves in his vehicle.

Mishka and ahana watches preesha’s arrest news in detail, preesha marrying arman and rudra seeking to marry devika, etc. Mishka says finally rudra and preesha have separated. Ahana says didn’t she forget about them spying on us some days in the past. Mishka says something it’s miles, truth is they have seaprated now. Ahana rejoices, calls her legal professional and says he can finish his task slowly as they may be not in a hurry to leave delhi.

Rudra fixes footage pendrive in laptop and thank you bunty. Bunty says he made him an actor with businessman. Rudra says everyone may be a murderer except preesha. He sees devika’s friend hiding and says how did he come without invitation and explains concept that he have to have met devika and she ought to have got irritated on him and he need to have killed her. Bunty asks wherein will they discover this man.

Precap: rudra with gps attempts to bail out preesha, but inspector denies citing a homicide case. Preesha hugs rudra saying no one can separate them now. Arman noticing them claps and says rudra is habituated to hug his wife behind him. Preesha says he’s improper as rudra observed real assassin and is helping her.


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