Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra visits Preesha in prison and assures her to be brave and affected person as quickly he and GPS will reopen her case and show her innocent. Constable says its time up. They each hug every different and consider all their excellent moments and guarantees made to every different. Tumse hello meri jaan bas tumse hello.. tune performs withinside the background. Constable indicators them and takes Preesha away. Back domestic, Rudra with GPS and Bunty assessments for evidence. Bunty asks what are they searching. Rudra says some thing in an effort to show Preesha innocent, they ought to discover a clue to get a bail. He assessments Sania’s data time and again and coughs. Bunty gives him water.

Rudra says he’s fasting. GPS prays god to clear up their hassle with Rudra’s fasting. Rudra unearths Sania calling an traditional wide variety two times at the night time on murder. Bunty assessments wide variety on app and suggests its Sunil Makeup’s wide variety. Rudra asks why might Sania name a make-up artist at midnight. He calls Sunil and unearths his wide variety unanswerable. They then discover his cope with and attain there. They query a woman if Sunil remains there. Lady says yes, he ought to have were given a few paintings and long gone out. Rudra asks if she has Sunil’s image. She suggests Sunil’s image on her mobile. Bunty clicks it. GPS says they ought to discover if Sunil entered motel. Bunty says there won’t be any digital digicam in motel room. GPS says they ought to take a look at motel front photos.

They attain motel and take a look at photos and discover Sunil getting into motel. Rudra asks how can police pass over any such massive evidence, there has been a person else additionally in room. GPS says they ought to reopen case. Rudra calls attorney and briefing him approximately the clue asks to reopen case. Lawyer agrees. Rudra says he’ll go to Preesha and tell her accurate information. At police station, inspector Chautala praises Preesha for having karva chaut speedy in prison. Preesha says their love is pure. Rudra enters with pooja gadgets and requests Chautala to allow Preesha destroy her speedy. Chautala seeing Preesha’s accurate conduct allows them to interrupt speedy on prison’s terrace.

They thank her. Preesha attractions at moon after which Rudra’s face and plays ritual. Rudra additionally does same. Yeh Hai Chahatein.. tune performs withinside the background. After completing rituals, Preesha feels stated that she didn’t get equipped as bride for him. He says their togetherness subjects to him and offers her accurate information approximately reopening her case, explaining how he discovered a clue. He in addition informs her that this night is her final night time in prison as her listening to is in Delhi courtroom docket tomorrow.

Next morning, Rudra excitedly receives equipped for courtroom docket. Sharda feeds her candy curd. He takes her advantages and asks her to hope god that Preesha ought to be lower back domestic quickly. He and GPS depart for courtroom docket. In police station, Chautala sends Preesha with a constable in a police van at the same time as she comply with van win her jeep. On the way, they see a fallen tree, and constables get down to place it aside. Preesha prays god now no longer to create any hurdle.

Precap: Preesha’s attorney tells Rudra that if she doesn’t attain courtroom docket on time, her listening to could be postponed. A truck crashes with Preesha’s van and it catches fire. Inspector Chautala informs Rudra that Preesha’s van met with an twist of fate and she or he isn’t anyt any more.


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