Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha enters Sania’s room and waking up Rudra asks what’s he doing on this room shirtless. Rudra wakes up and asks how did he come here, he simply recollects partying with Arman closing night. She notices Sai’s useless frame together along with her throat slit and a knife nearby, thinks Rudra should have slit her throat, and attempts to awaken Rudra to discover truth. Rudra nonetheless under the influence of alcohol pushes her manner calling Sania. Waiter brings breakfast and seeing Sania’s useless frame runs out shouting homicide. He informs different inn team of workers and supervisor approximately homicide. They rush to room and manger ties to open the door with grasp key, however unearths the door locked. He informs police. Arman walks in and asks what are they doing close to his room, says he went to terrace to loosen up after his combat with Rudra and fell asleep there. Manager says his spouse is injured. Arman acts as concerned and asks to open the door and get in touch with doctor. Police reaches. Arman asks why did they name police rather than doctor.

Sharda calls Rudra and Preesha and locating their telephones now no longer handy calls Ahuja and asks him to allow her talk to Rudra or Preesha as their telecellsmartphone isn’t always handy. Back in inn, police breaks door open and stroll in to locate Preesha retaining knife and perilous them to live farfar from her. Arman acts as greatly surprised seeing Rudra shirtless slumbering on mattress and Sania’s useless frame on floor. Preesha says she noticed Rudra with Sania and murdered her. Arman says Rudra should have killed Sania as he talked reasonably-priced approximately spouse swapping and fought with him. Preesha doesn’t accept as true with him. He says inn team of workers noticed them fighting. Staff backs him. Arman insists that Rudra should have killed Sania while she attempted to withstand him. Preesha insists that she killed Sania and recollects retaining homicide weapon and smearing blood on her fingers and clothes.

Out of flashback, police arrests Preesha and wakes up Rudra sprinkling water on him. Rudra wakes up and is greatly surprised to peer Preesha arrested and Sania’s useless frame o floor. Arman says he murdered Sania. Preesha says she murdered Sania as she noticed him with Rudra. Rudra says she can not do this. Arman says Preesha is harmless and Rudra killed Sania as he mentioned spouse change closing night. Rudra remembering the incident assaults Arman once more shouting he’s lying. Police catches him. Arman says Rudra will homicide even Preesha for every other woman. Preesha slaps him and says Rudra is her husband and can’t betray her, she killed Sania seeing her with Rudra. She thinks she advised the entirety to Rudra and now he need to show her innocence. Police arrests them both.

Precap: Lady inspector asks Preesha why did she kill Sania. Rudra asks her now no longer to mention anything. Ahuja tells Arman that they incurred big losses. Arman says he’s concerned for Preesha, however Ahuja is in the back of losses. Ahuja asks why is he concerned for Rudra’s spouse rather than his own, did he kill Sania. Rudra asks Preesha to inform him what precisely happened.


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