Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha receives her clinic’s dean’s name whilst Rudra is busy romancing him. She pushes Rudra away and alternatives dean’s name who requests her to go back lower back to paintings as some docs have long past on strike. She informs identical to Rudra who insists now no longer to sign up for so quickly as he desires to spend time together along with her.

She denies. He says he wishes her assist in music recording and different chores. She says she helped him in want and now she desires to assist clinic in want. He says he turns into her affected person to spend time together along with her. She ignores his romantic moves, kisses his cheek, and is going to sleep.

Mishka feels responsible for wrongly urgent molestation fees on Venky and ruining his life. She is going into flashback wherein she together along with her university pals performs reality or dare recreation in boy’s hostel room, dancing with them on loud music. She hears door knock and indicators her pal Rakesh that warden have to have come, who hides all of the women and opens door to peer Venky who confronts pal to prevent his birthday birthday celebration all through examination time otherwise he’ll bitch towards him to important. Rakesh pleads now no longer to. Venky leaves. Rakesh panics that Venky will without a doubt tell important. Mishka says she can be able to prevent Venky and get him trapped as a substitute and walks in the direction of his room.

Rakesh says he’ll take revenge from Venky. Another pal says Mishka might be in trouble. Rakesh says Mishka’s wealthy dad will shop her. Mishka walks to Venky’s room and says its properly he stopped birthday birthday celebration as even she doesn’t like partying all through exams. Venky falls for her trap. She then forces herself on him. He attempts to prevent her and requests to depart.

Mishka’s get dressed tears all through tussle. Rakesh complains important that Venky delivered women in hostel and is partying. Principal doesn’t consider him and walks to Venky’s room to check. Mishka acts and lies that Venky became seeking to molest her. Venky denies and says she forcefully entered his room. Principal asks Mishka what became she doing in boy’s hostel.

Mishka lies that she got here to want glad birthday to her pal and desired to apply washroom while Venky in lieu of displaying her washroom delivered her to his room and attempted to molest her. Venky keeps denying her allegations. Mishka’s father Singhania’s assistant meets important and bribes her with large cash to clean Mishka’s call from the difficulty and blame Venky as a substitute. He then takes Mishka to London from there. Out of flashback, Mishka fears that Param will depart her if he reveals out reality and hopes Venky doesn’t get well.

Next morning, Preesha receives out of rest room and sees Rudra awake. Rudra says he desires to assist his spouse get geared up while she goes for paintings after a long term like she facilitates him all through his concert. She agrees. He then serves her south Indian breakfast. She says its very tasty. He tastes idli and says its now no longer properly as he made it for the primary time. She says its k as his love is jumbled in it. She takes tiffin for GPS and Venky. Mishka notices her leaving and thinks of assembly Venky. Preesha stops at GPS’ residence at the manner and offers him tiffin. Once she leaves, Mishka walks in. GPS asks what’s she doing right now. She says she got here to satisfy Preesha. He says she went to clinic.

She says she can be able to depart then, he can name her if he wishes any assist. He requests her to live with Venky until he brings Venky’s drug treatments and is going out. She enters Venky’s room whilst he’s asleep and tells him that its now no longer proper to mention whatever right now and apologizes him urgent molestation fees on him wrongly, explains that she were given angry while he rejected her and because of her ego, she ruined his life. He opens his eyes and appears at her. She says how a whole lot ever they disguise their past, it returns, destiny delivered them in the front of every different again; and she or he pleads him now no longer to tell approximately it to anyone. Rudra enters and seeing Mishka asks what’s she doing here. She receives tensed and thinks if Rudra heard their conversation.

Precap: Preesha indicates own circle of relatives photos on her mobile. Venky sees Mishka’s image and asks who’s she. Preesha says she is Mishka who’s engaged to Param and could marry him quickly. Mishka informs Rudra that she is marrying Param in a week. Venky requests to wait the wedding ceremony. Rudra informs Mishka that Appa and Venky might be with them until Mishka’s wedding ceremony finishes. Mishka receives tensed whilst Venky grins.


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