Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arman with Preesha returns to motel room after tune practice session and is stunned to look water everywhere in the ground. They take a look at the purpose and discover water leaking from lavatory pipe. They then whinge receptionist and tongue lash her. Receptionist apologizes and says pipe may be constant today, however water can’t be cleared because of loss of team of workers. They insists for every other room, however she says all rooms are booked. Sania looking the drama asks Arman if he did this. He recalls bribing motel team of workers to interrupt water pipe and reserving vacant rooms and says he may even purchase entire motel to maintain Rudra and Preesha farfar from every other. He walks to them and asks what are they doing right here in place of resting. Rudra informs that his motel room is water logged and he’s going to ask Ahuja to ee-e book every other motel room. Arman indicates that he has 2 rooms in his suite and all of them four can live in his suite. Rudra hesitates, however Preesha convinces him bringing up his live performance venue being close to to motel.

Next day, Rudra nervously waits in inexperienced room earlier than his live performance remembering current events. Preesha cheers him up and says he ought to cheer up as they may be together. He says they may be now no longer when you consider that they may be married. She maintains cheering him up. Ahuja enters ands says his fan are becoming loopy for him. Preesha hugs and desires him excellent luck. Arman and Sania enter. Rudra asks why did they arrive uninformed. Sania says they couldn’t face up to themselves and got here to look at his live performance. Arman says they offered tickets and thinks he has spoilt Rudra’s comeback. Rudra is going on degree and offers credit score of his comeback to his own circle of relatives and fanatics. He then sings Sajna Ve Tenu Ankiyowon Dekhliya. . tune. Arman and Sania stroll away. Fans chant Rudra’s call as soon as he completes tune.

Backstage, Ahuja praises Rudra’s making a song and fanatics getting mad. Arman says Rudra will now no longer sing subsequent tune. Ahuja says he’s going to incur losses. Arman asks to do as he says and orders him to deliver a juice for him. He then mixes purple powder to wreck Rudra’s voice. Ahuja receives tensed and says he’s going to incur losses really well worth crores. Arman says he doesn’t care and warns him to do as he says. Ahuja offers juice to Rudra and asks him to complete it. Host declares Rudra’s subsequent tune. Rudra leaves juice and walks away whilst Ahuja maintains insisting him to complete juice. He is going on degree and dedicating his subsequent tune to his broher Rajiv sings Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yahan Pyar Zindagi Me.. tune. Sania asks Arman if Rudra didn’t drink strength blended juice yet. Arman is going to test and threatens Ahuja to feed juice to Rudra otherwise he’s going to wreck him.

Back in inexperienced room, Rudra asks Preesha to be with him throughout his final tune. She has the same opinion. Ahuja enters and insists him to have juice now at least. Rudra finishes juice and walks on degree with Preesha. He expresses his love for Preesha and dedicates a brand new tune for her. Fan excitedly wait. He attempts to sing however fails. Arman and Sania stroll away smirking. Fans insist Rudra to speak. Rudra alerts he can’t speak. Fan get restless. Ahuja asks Arman why did he blend strength in Rudra’s juice. Arman asks him now no longer to consider loss and simply watch the drama. Preesha takes Rudra to inexperienced room, offers him water, and noticing purple powder in juice realizes a person blended it to wreck Rudra’s voice. She orders an antidote injectionn and injects him.

Arman asks Ahuja to tell fanatics that rockstar can’t sing and has failed. He then is going to Rudra’s room to look at the drama however unearths him missing. Ahuja is going on degree and declares that live performance is canceled as Rudra can’t sing now. Rudra walks on degree and says he’s going to sing. Fans pass mad seeing him back. Arman is stunned to look his plan failing. Rudra thank you god and Preesha for assist and sings his signature tune Will You Marry Me.. Fans clap as soon as he finishes tune whilst Arman burns in jealousy. Back in inexperienced room, Rudra hugs Preesha and thank you her for reviving his voice, says she is his existence and he’s not anything with out her. Ahuja walks in. Rudra recalls him giving juice and holds his collar. Ahuja says he didn’t do anything. Preesha says Mr Ahuja labored tough for this live performance and isn’t at fault. Ahuja says he devoted his entire existence to tune enterprise and construct a very good reputation. Preesha says something passed off isn’t proper and asks him to discover who’s at the back of thsi. Arman with Sania enters praising Rudra’s making a song. Rudra thinks if Arman is at the back of this heinous act. Arman says he’s going to throw a celebration this night to have fun Rudra’s return. Preesha denies, however Rudra has the same opinion questioning to discover what’s in Arman’s mind.

During party, Rudra romances Preesha on dance ground and dances with her. Arman thinks allow him dance, however he may be ruined soon. Sania name callings him. He says his subsequent plan will now no longer fail and asks her to take Preesha out somehow. Rudra asks Preesha if they are able to make this night special. She reminds their room is flooded with water. he says he scolded supervisor and were given the room cleaned. She receives happy. Sania walks to them retaining champagne glass and performing as slipping drops champagne on Preesha.

Precap: Sania takes Preesha to a room to alternate her dress. Rudra blames Arman for all of the troubles passed off.


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