Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Venky panics after seeing Mishka’s image in Preesha’s mobile. Vasu and GPS fail to manipulate him. Dr. Iyer offers him sedative injection and makes him sleep. GPS tells Vasu that he become calm and all at once why he were given aggressive. Preesha reaches inn, meets Rudra, and that they each be aware Param and Mishka persevering with their argument and leaving inn yelling that Mr Sadana ditched them. Rudra thinks a way to prevent them from leaving and punctures their cars. They each stroll out and argue seeing their vehicle tyres flat.

A cab motive force stops and gives to drop them each to their domestic. They get into cab persevering with their nok jhok. Cab motive force performs a romantic music. They each right now shout to prevent it. Cab motive force stops vehicle and says he were given it repaired withinside the morning and it broke down again. They ask what is going to they do now. He says mechanic keep is close by and walks away to deliver mechanic. Rudra with Preesha follows their vehicle and recollects puncturing their vehicle tyres and concerning cab motive force in his plan. Mishka and Param’s nok jhok continues, and she or he receives out of vehicle. Rudra says he’s going to move and take care of scenario now. Preesha stops him.

GPS drops Radha domestic in his vehicle and discusses that he in no way noticed Venky’s violent outburst in 10 years. Radha says Venky went via a unexpected alternate in those 2 days, so it need to be an final results of it. GPS says he felt some thing came about these days due to which Venky were given violent. Radha says they need to move and take a look at Venky’s room and asks him to force again to sanatorium. GPS thank you her. They attain sanatorium and Radha questions nurse who says they could take a look at CCTV pictures and discover what Venky noticed. They take a look at CCTV pictures and discover Venky panicking searching at Preesha’s phone.

Preesha asks Rudra to create a lion sound and frighten Mishka. He fails to supply a tiger roar and performs tiger roar on his mobile. She asks him to move close to their vehicle and play it. He does. Mishka receives afraid listening to that. Preesha calls her and asks in which is she. She says her cab broke down close to a country wide park and she or he is listening to a tiger roar. Preesha frightens her. Rudra returns and receives romantic with Preesha. Preesha stops him, and that they get into vehicle and watch Mishka and Param’s reaction.

Mishka shivers in fear. Param walks out and asks her to get into vehicle. She shivers extra seeing a snake close to her feet. Param jumps on bonnet seeing snake and panics. Mishka hugs him in fear. Snake crawls away. Param comforts Mishka. Rudra says their plan is a success and its a satisfied ending. Preesha says its a satisfied beginning. Mishha says she can’t stroll. Param lifts her and getting her into vehicle massages her feet. Jo Tumna Ho.. music performs withinside the background. Rudra receives satisfied given that and receives romantic with Preesha again.

Precap: Param proposes Mishka for marriage. Dr. Radha discharges Venky from intellectual fitness clinic. Mishka informs Preesha that Param proposed her. Preesha calls her to her parent’s house. Venky reacts seeing her and falls down unconscious. Mishka realizes he’s the identical boy whom she wrongly alleged years ago.


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