Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

GPS maintains describing his son Venkatesh/Venky’s tale to Preesha and is going into flashback in which Vasu at night time walks to Venky’s room to test if slept or now no longer and doesn’t locate him in complete house. She hears buddies calling her and GPS and runs out to look Venky strolling on terrace wall to crumple and dedicate suicide. GPS additionally rushes out listening to her voice and pleads Venky to return back down. Venky says he ruined their dignity and for this reason he’s going to dedicate suicide. Vasu pleads to reflect onconsideration on his his mother and father and sisters. He says it might be properly for them as they may now no longer face any humiliation due to him and jumps down. Vasu and GPS rush him to sanatorium. Vasu’s collapses and is rushed for treatment. His buddy Dr Iyer informs GPS that he carried out Venky’s operation however in line with mind experiment report, Venky has cranium fracture and won’t be alive for long. GPS receives involved for Vasu. Dr. Iyer says Vasu will go through every day until Venky dies, so its higher if he informs her that Venky isn’t anyt any more. Preesha reaches hoptial. Nurse informs that Vasu is aware now. Vasu panics and threatens to kill them in the event that they don’t permit her meet her son. Dr. Iyer lies that Venky isn’t anyt any more.

Out of flashback, GPS famous that Venky is stored via way of means of god’s grace and on Dr. Iyer’s inspiration he stored Venky on this intellectual fitness sanatorium considering the fact that 10 years. Preesha asks how he used to satisfy Venky. GPS says he used to lie that he goes on respectable ride and used to satisfy Venky, however it were given tough after his retirement. She says amma noticed him with Dr. Radha and were given suspicious. He famous that Dr. Radha is Dr. Iyer’s sister and he or she the usage of her US enjoy is treating Venky, now Venky can talk a piece and normalizing. She apologizes him for false impression him. He says Subbu helped him in his lies until now. She asks what’s going to he tell Vasu. Vasu waits for Preesha’s name and makes a decision to go to intellectual fitness sanatorium. GPS tells Preesha that he has to tell Vasu now. Preesha says she can be able to provide this properly information to Vasu. They attain domestic and don’t locate Vasu.

Vasu reaches sanatorium and asks receptionist approximately Dr. Radha. Receptionist suggests her Radha’s cabin. Preesha calls her and asks in which is she. She says she is in Dr Radha’s intellectual fitness sanatorium and got here to impeach her. Preesha informs GPS and that they each rush toward sanatorium. Venky receives lively listening to her voice and calls her amma. Vasu thinks best Venky calls her this way, walks into Venky’s room, and is taken aback to look him alive. She hugs him and asks how is he alive as he became long past 10 years ago. Preesha and GPS rush toward sanatorium. Rudra calls Preesha and asks in which is she considering the fact that final night time. Preesha famous him approximately Venky and explaining complete tale says she doesn’t recognize how amma will react seeing Venky. He says he’s going to attain sanatorium proper now. GPS says Rudra will take care of Vasu.

Precap: Preesha, GPS, and Rudra attain sanatorium and spot Vasu pampering Venky. Vasu asks GPS why did he concealed the fact for 10 years. Mishka calls Rudra and informs that she is not able to cheer up Vidhi. He asks her to throw celebration for Vidhi and with Preesha heads toward Param’s house. Preesha informs that Rudra that they concept Venky is useless 10 years ago. Rudra says even Mahima became returned in addition and hopes he isn’t like Mahima.


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