Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharda receives critically injured seeking to keep Saransh. Saransh says daadi were given injured due to her. Rudra and Preesha involved try and awaken Sharda. Anvi tells Arman its her mistake as she pulled out stone from automobile tyre to harm Saransh, however daadi were given harm, she can be able to receive her mistake to Prishma. Sania stops her and takes her away. Arman rushes to Sharda and asks who did this and factors at automobile. Preesha and Rudra rush Sharda to medical institution. Arman thinks his plan failed with Sharda’s interference, he ought to make certain Rudra shouldn’t discover what happened. Rudra panics in medical institution at the same time as Sharda is treated. Preesha attempts to calm him down. He says he’s going to now no longer spare a automobile motive force who injured Sharda. Arman brings motive force and its his automobile. Rudra attempts to hit motive force. Driver apologizes and says his automobile’s handbrakes aren’t operating and he positioned stone below tyre as a brake, however a person eliminated it. Police comes and arrests him.

Preesha wakes Anvi from sleep and angrily scolds her for her mistake. Anvi apologizes. Preesha says Sharda is critically injured due to her, she hates her. Anvi wakes up from sleep crying. Sania rushes to her. Anvi says Prishma hates her and could get her punished. Sania asks her now no longer to fear as her papa will shield her. Arman enters and says its a automobile motive force’s mistake and now no longer hers, he’s already stuck. Sania says who continues stone below tyre, Anvi is harmless and didn’t do anything. Anvi receives convinced.

Doctor shifts Sharda to ICU room after surgery. Rudra asks approximately her circumstance. Doctor says her circumstance could be very vital for the following 24 hours. Preesha cries listening to that. Rudra attempts to console her. Preesha blames herself as she took Sharda for picnic. He asks now no longer responsible herself and pray for Maa’s help. They each pray preserving every other’s hand. He then asks her to be with Saransh at the same time as he is going to police station and make certain automobile motive force is punished. He reaches police station wherein Chachaji with inspector says appropriate he got here as they had been coming to him. Inspector informs that automobile motive force advised a person pulled stone below tyre, so he goes to lodge to test CCTV photos. Rudra accompanies him. Manager suggests him CCTV photos. Footage stops after motive force parks automobile and continues stone below tyre. Rudra asks wherein is ultimate percent and panics. Inspector says automobile motive force is proper that he isn’t always involved. Rudra says he need to have eliminated stone later. Inspector says a few who hates him need to were found in lodge and did this. Rudra recollects Arman’s presence and thinks Arman and Sania need to have achieved this, then thinks Arman desires to separate him from Preesha however can not damage Sharda. Inspector tells him that he has to loose automobile motive force as card doesn’t belong to him and that they don’t have CCTV photos to show it.

Arman disguised as sanitizing guy hears their communique status apart and recollects Chachaji informing him approximately Rudra and inspector going to lodge to test CCTV photos and him accomplishing lodge deleting photos Out of flashback, he walks out silently. Rudra says motive force advised a person who pulled stone out need to have deleted photos, so watchman need to have visible that person. They query watchman who informs that a sanitizing guy had come to sanitizing laptop room. They then test current photos and seeing sanitizing guy, Rudra thinks he need to be Arman. Rudra rushes to medical institution wherein he sees Arman donating blood for Sharda and telling him that he and Chachaji had been in cafeteria. Cafeteria cashier walks to Arman and returns his alternate. Arman recollects purposefully leaving alternate with cashier to make him as evidence. Rudra stands careworn and thinks some thing is wrong.

Precap: Sharda’s circumstance deteriorates and is given defibrillator shocks. Chachaji informs Arman that Sharda won’t be alive for long. Arman receives tensed that Anvi might be stuck in a homicide case. Anvi listening to that feels responsible and accepts her mistake in the front of Preesha and Rudra.


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