Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arman tells vasu that anvi changed into missing preesha, so he delivered her right here to satisfy preesha. Vasu says preesha didn’t come here. Arman asks what does she mean. Vasu says she didn’t come here at all. Gps walks in and says preesha came here and went to meet her youth buddy sheetal. He tells vasu that she became busy in her on line instructions. Vasu backs him. Gps reminisces seeing preesha’s message and managing the situation and thinks wherein she should have gone for 2 days.

Rudra informs bunty about renting the house to undercover agent on ahana and find out if they booked a third ticket for saransh. Bunty asks what if saransh is with them, how will he get again preesha in his life as she has a own family of her own now and has moved on luckily. Rudra sees mishka leaving house and follows her asking rudra to spy on mishka. Arman waits for preesha and says its too overdue. Preesha enters and meets anvi. Gps reminisces seeing arman and informing her approximately it. Preesha rushes to gps’ residence.

Arman says as common anvi fell down and changed into lacking her prishma, so he brought her right here. Anvi says she turned into remembering her a lot and hugs preesha. Preesha says even she became lacking her. Gps gets glad seeing their bonding. Rudra follows ahana and reaches a travel agent’s workplace. He asks agent why the female came here. He says he can not monitor any information and asks him to go.

Rudra threatens him angrily. Agent says woman got here for 3 london’s visas. Rudra asks to reveal the names and is bowled over to look saransh’s name modified as krishna khurna, realizes ahana modified saransh’s name and is taking him to london, thinks he wishes to discover the reality. Vasu serves snacks to arman and anvi. Anvi says its very tasty and asks preesha where are her grandparents. Preesha says vasu and gps are her grandparents, she wanted to give this surprise on devika’s marriage, she will call them as tatta patti.

Anvi luckily calls them tatta patti. Arman is going to scrub his hand and asks gps if he can call him appa, he doesn’t recognise why she lied but is happy that preesha is back to her own family, he doesn’t have parents and consequently will do not forget gps and vasu as his mother and father. Arman thank you him and leaves with anvi. Preesha hugs and thank you gps for informing her approximately arman’s visit. Vasu asks where she had long past. Preesha says she can’t say. Vasu asks if she had long past to meet rudra, gets indignant, and asks why did she meet rudra.

Preesha says she can not tell now and requests to accept as true with her. Gps says he trusts her. Preesha leaves. Vasu says she does this only for saransh and hopes she doesn’t reduce to rubble her lifestyles once more. Preesha returns to rudra and informs what befell. He laughs and says she instructed her husband is wise, however he easily believed her. She receives indignant. He insists her to inform that she loves him as she changed into about to throughout their automobile ride. She asks him to depart her. He sees cockroach and panics.

She laughs and takes cockroach in her hand. Rudra panics more and pushes her hand away. It falls down. She says it went away. Rudra nervously says he isn’t always frightened of cockroach, however is dirty; insists her again to explicit her emotions for him. She jokes cockroach again, and he panics once more. Devika walks to rudra’s residence and asks sharda and sulochana to call rudra as she is lacking him. Sulochana says he is in hotel doing double shift and may meet him in resort. She thank you them each and leaves.

Rudra informs preesha that he followed ahana to travel agent’s workplace and determined her reserving 3 london tickets in ahana, mishka, and an eight-year-antique krishna khurana’s call. Preesha says saransh is also 8 yr old and ahana should be taking him to london. Rudra says they want to do something.

Precap: rudra gets romantic with preesha. Devika visits motel in which receptionist informs that he didn’t come there because 1 week. She calls rudra and asks why is he mendacity to her and in which is he.


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