Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha receives indignant on Rudra whilst he stops her from confronting Param. Rudra says they can’t intervene in Param’s non-public lifestyles as they’re Param’s simply enterprise partners. She says she didn’t like Param behaving impolite to Vidhi. He says they can’t react earlier than understanding the reason. She says she can be able to take a look at Vidhi as she is distraught. Vidhi cries sitting on bench. Mishka attempts to console her and gives her kerchief. Vidhi denies. Mishka says she changed into sturdy whilst she changed into of her age, so a sturdy woman can consolation every other sturdy woman. Vidhi calms down. Mishka says her dad used to offer her and her elder sister high priced toys however now no longer his love and time, she used to sense lonely like her. Vidhi says even Param chachu offers her toys however now no longer his love. Mishka hugs and consoles her. Preesha noticing them thinks if Param and Mishka marry every other, it might be top for Vidhi.

Vasu returns domestic angrily and assessments GPS’ garments to discover data approximately Radha. GPs enters and asks if she is looking something. She thinks she shouldn’t confront him till she unearths evidence and lies that she is looking her temple earrings. He says she ought to take a look at in her cupboard. He asks in the event that they separated. He asks what does she mean. She asks him to preserve his garments lower back in whilst she brings espresso for him, brings espresso and drops it on his shirt, and sending him to alternate assessments his cell however unearths it’s password modified. He returns and asks why she is checking his cell. She asks if he modified password. He says sure for safety reason. He asks if he’s hiding something. He jokes that he’s having an affair and walks away thanking god that she didn’t doubt him.

Rudra sees Param crying and asks reason. Param famous that Vidhi’s face reminds him of his misplaced brother and SIL, they had been going to an leisure park with Vidhi whilst they met with an twist of fate and handed away whilst Vidhi escaped unhurt. Rudra says he can recognize his ache as even he misplaced his brother. Preesha enters and says even she will be able to recognize his ache and explains that its incorrect to hate harmless Vidhi as even she misplaced her parents, she is his brother and SIL’s image of affection and his handiest member of the family left, so he ought to take delivery of her. Param says she can’t recognize him as she didn’t undergo his situation, Vidhi is his brother and SIL’s image of affection or even image of death, so he can’t take delivery of her. She asks him to take Vidhi alongside as camp finished. He drives away pronouncing Vidhi got here in bus and ought to pass through bus. Rudra feels sorry for Vidhi. Preesha says he want now no longer be, indicates Mishka’s bonding with Vidhi and says if Mishka marries Param, it might be top for Vidhi. Camp ends. Mishka is going to drop Vidhi to bus. Saransh insists Rudra and Preesha to allow him attain domestic together along with his friends. They agree.

Vasu calls Preesha and asks her to satisfy her at a eating place proper now as she desires to talk approximately GPS. Preesha meets her. She famous GPS assembly Radha every day at night time and shifting her cash considering 10 years. Preesha consoles her and makes a decision to undercover agent on GPS. GPS leaves domestic at night time. Vasu calls Preesha and informs her. Preesha follows GPS. GPS reaches Radha’s residence and that they each go to a intellectual fitness medical institution. Preesha thinks to discover why appa visits intellectual fitness medical institution. She sees Radha in physician’s coat and teaching nurse and thinks appa have to have come to satisfy a affected person. Vasu calls her and asks in which is appa. Preesha informs that appa is in a intellectual fitness medical institution and Radha is a physician here, she can be able to name her lower back after locating extra details. She notices equal nurse and asks her approximately the affected person whom GPS visited. Nurse says she can’t monitor exclusive data and asks how did she come in. Rudra attempts to make Saransh sleep, however he needs Preesha. Param calls Rudra and informs that Vidhi didn’t attain domestic yet.

Precap: Preesha lies nurse that she is affected person’s relative and is taken aback to recognise affected person is her brother. Rudra informs Mishka that Vidhi didn’t attain domestic yet.


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