Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

MLA Recognition, fame in public life, is temporary for many in political life! However, when they first experience this fact experientially, it is not enough to tell them the trauma they will experience. In Virudhunagar district too, there are three members of the ruling party who are surrounded by anger, rage and sadness due to the announcement of the candidate.

Sattur sitting AIADMK MLA The fact that Rajavarman will definitely not get a seat is something that many in the party already know. Because Rajavarman had publicly spoken on stage that his friendship with Rajendrapalaji had turned into a feud and that he had received death threats. Yet, in spite of Rajendrapalaji, he was active in all the good and bad of the people of the constituency, hoping to win the seat by the care of the party leadership.

ADMK former MLA’s disappointed by rajendra balaji

Rajendrapalajio said, ‘Look if you have left ..’ and made him not get a seat. His supporters have been protesting. However, Rajavarman, disgusted by hostile politics, met DTV Dinakaran and joined the Aam Aadmi Party.

ADMK former MLA’s disappointed by rajendra balaji

Srivilliputhur sitting AIADMK MLA With Chandraprabha denied a seat, his supporters have also joined the struggle. Rajendrapalaji said that all vehicles should be ready for the campaign. He even chose the number of the vehicle. At the last moment, he made the seat unavailable, ‘laments Chandraprabha’s husband Muthiah.

ADMK former MLA’s disappointed by rajendra balaji

While there are many seniors in Virudhunagar AIADMK, since he is the one who can pour money, M.S. Gokulam Thankaraj is the newcomer imposed by Rajendrapalaji. However, many in the party accepted him and co-operated when he provided welfare assistance. ‘M.L.A. The seat is yours! ‘ With this in mind, during this corona period, he provided rice throughout the block and spent crores. But the Virudhunagar constituency has gone to the BJP, a coalition party. Gokulam Thankaraj, who was so upset, said, ‘You have done a bad job! That is what he is talking against Rajendrapalaji. ‘The sweat and service I shed in Virudhunagar will not be in vain …’ he is preparing to bang independently.

AIADMK senior Kannan said, “Life or this life is unstable. MLA How much is the position? Subsequently I myself became an MLA. Even the desire to become is not appropriate. ‘He is the MLA in this constituency for the rest of his life, he is the minister in this district ..’ AIADMK is not like that. The position taken by MGR as long as Jayalalithaa was in power is still being followed. ”


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