Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharda emotionally hugs preesha in a shopping center. Preesha asks how is she as she heard about her surgical treatment. Sharda says she is excellent now. Preesha asks how did she fall so sick. Sharda says saransh left and even she left, she have become dead with out them and hoped she might return as a minimum, she couldn’t tolerate her and rudra’s separation. Preesha says there has been nothing left among her and rudra after saransh’s dying as they got here collectively due to saransh. Their dialogue maintains. Sharda says the god who had united them will reunite them again and for this reason they met again. Preesha says now matters have modified as devika loves rudra and its higher or rudr marries devika and move on. Chachaji (fallen in sharda’s love) asks rudra to comment on his jacket. Rudra says it doesn’t fit him. Chachaji says he will take sharda’s assist as her preference is very modern and graceful. He walks to sharda. Preesha and sharda get alert seeing them. He asks sharda approximately his jacket.

She says it suits him. He says their alternatives healthy, she preference is so captivating and graceful, so she should assist him pick out presents for devika. Sharda is of the same opinion and accompanies him. Rudra tells preesha that sharda maa loves her even now. Preesha thank you him for bringing sharda to her. He says she told the whole lot except what she should. He asks her now not to begin once more. He selects a sari and insists her to attempt it. She says she doesn’t’ need to. He forcefully puts sari around her in the front of replicate and asks if she agrees that he is aware her thoroughly. He himself drapes sari round her. Itnisi baat hai mujhe tumse pyaar hai.. Music performs within the heritage. He hugs her from at the back of and says she wore her husband’s talented red sari in the course of sangeet and ought to wear her ex-husband’s talented sari now. Salesman says their jodi is absolutely nice and madam’s husband’s preference is sincerely good. Preesha says she didn’t like this sari. Salesman says her husband’s choice is genuinely exact though. She says he isn’t always her husband. Salesman apologizes and leaves. Rudra says he’s preesha husand with ex blanketed. She says he should remember that distinction. He keeps. She angrily walks away and goes to attempt a sari in changing room. Rudra pulls away her sari and insists her to wear his proficient sari or else he’s going to no longer provide her own sari. She helplessly wears his talented sari and says she will not spare him if she comes out. He says she shouldn’t leave him for whole life, ex-wifey. She gets out of converting room. He gets mesmerized along with her splendor.

Tumna hue mere to kya.. Track plays inside the background. Sharda with chachaji walks to them and tells preesha that this sari is looking very quite on her. Chachaji backs her. Rudra tells preesha that he will buy this sari and he or she shouldn’t deliver it to devika. Rudra goes to pay payments while he sees ahana with mishka shopping a boy’s garments and asks what’s she doing here. Ahana nervously says its a shopping mall, so manifestly she is buying. Rudra shouts if she is purchasing for saransh, wherein is he. She asks to prevent shouting as she came right here to buy a present for her friend’s son’s birthday, why would she shop for a useless saransh, he should accept this reality and pass on. Rudra warns to expose it if they’re hiding something and argues with them. Preesha is taken aback to look mishka alive and rudra with ahana and mishka, thinks if rudra knows mishka is alive. Ahana and mishka stroll away discussing they intently escaped. Preesha drags rudra apart and says she can not trust that he was with mishka and ahana, mishka is alive manner saransh is alive. Rudra says he knows. She asks then why did he hid the truth.

He says he didn’t and got here to recognise about mishka the day before today, so he left sangeet ceremony halfway. He explains her the entire incident from seeing mishka in a market to catching mishka. Preesha asks why didn’t he tell her approximately it, their saransh is alive if mishka is alive, why didn’t he question mishka. Rudra says he wondered mishka, however she lied that she escape and saransh died. They both cry emotionally. Rudra says he believes their son is alive, ahana is hiding fact and he will discover it out at any cost; he will do something to convey returned their son if he is alive. She says they each will seek and produce their son lower back and hugs him.

Precap: rudra and preesha comply with ahana and mishka to birthday celebration. Ahana and mishka get alert seeing them. Rudra’s friend gets happy seeing rudra and preesha together again. Preesha hears mishka reserving 3 flight tickets to london.


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