YCP Focus On Fights In Visakha District, Off The Record About Vizag YCP: Joint Visakhapatnam is very important for YCP. Expectations are high in this area not only for political purposes but also as a future capital. The idea of ​​the ruling party is to send a strong signal that their policies have received public approval by sweeping Uttar Andhra. There is talk that governance will start from the executive capital next year. At this critical stage, it is imperative for the YCP to gain complete dominance over the joint Visakhapatnam district. The authority has repeatedly said the same thing. But, the situation in the field is different. Alarm bells are ringing with internal differences in the constituencies. In some constituencies, discontent has ignited.

The second leadership of MLA Golla Baburao in Payakaraopet, which is a seat of SC reserve, is not a problem. In Yalamanchili, senior MLA Kannababuraju started a rebellion within his own party. They are displaying placards with the slogan “Jagan should come – MLA should go”. Bhagyalakshmi, MLA and district party president in Paderu, has been hit hard by the discord. MLA Falguna, who tried to run dominant politics in Araku, was checked by the opposition faction. Chief leadership is vying for a ticket in Narsipatnam. There is a widespread campaign that the sitting legislator Ganesh has no chance of once again.

In Chodavaram, Government Whip Karanam Dharmashree is fighting with invisible enemies. In Pendurthi, group politics have gone beyond the scope of street politics to personal criticism. In the South Constituency MLA Vasupalli, Brahmin Corporation Chairman Sudhakar, Matsyakara Corporation Chairman Gurus…whose factions are they running. In the east, the panchayat is torn between the chairman of VMRDA and the mayor of GVMC. When MLC Vamsikrishna Srinivas started his efforts for supremacy, heights and heights gained momentum. He is not going to the High Command unless the matter becomes serious. The High Command has initiated key measures to ensure that these are not neglected.

If the quarrels in the won constituencies in the district are high, there are quarrels between party leaders in Vizag city in all four places that did not get control. Fires are burning everywhere. The ranks are burning that MLAs are going for camel trends. It is reported that March next year has been set as the deadline to set all these. Party coordinator YV Subbareddy is already involved in this work. They think that his coming close to the leadership of the YCP will solve the problems as he is a leader who openly expresses his opinions. Recently, election observers have been appointed for all the constituencies across the state. So far she has played the game and sung the song.

Now it seems that the MLAs and coordinators are coming down after it has been concluded that there is no way to ignore those who bring bad names to the government. The check and balance method are coming into effect where there was a monopoly of all these years. It seems that corrective measures have been started in the constituencies as those who come as election observers provide real-time information to the leadership. In this order, the leaders are hurrying in the name of spiritual gatherings. The party sources are discussing that there will be no changes unless there is a warning that there will be a total crackdown. And.. it has to be seen whether the conditions in Visakha district YCP will be set with these efforts.


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