Kangana Ranaut tied her bridges of praise, told herself the most capable actress on this planet

On January 14, Kangana Ranaut announced to make a film titled ‘Manikarnika Returns – The Legend of Didda’. The very next day, Ashish Kaul, author of the book ‘Didda – The Warrior Queen of Kashmir’, accused Kangana Ranaut of stealing her story and infringing copyright on her and also sent a legal notice to Kangana and the film’s makers.

But now Ashish Kaul has lodged an FIR at the Khar police station against Kangana Ranaut, her brother Akshat Ranaut, Rangoli Ranaut and the film’s producer Kamal Jain on the instructions of the Metropolitan Court of Mumbai. Police has registered a case against the four under various sections of copyright act and fraud.

After registering a case against Kangana Ranaut, Ashish Kaul said in a special conversation with ABP News, “In January, I sent a legal notice to Kangana and the film’s makers but I did not get any satisfactory reply from them. That’s it That is why I then went to court and explained to them in detail about the hard work and copyright infringement done on this original and research based story. My arguments were understood by the court and then I directed Kangana on Friday night An FIR was lodged against the police station. ”

Ashish further asks, how can anyone steal his years of hard work like this? Ashish attacked Kangana directly, saying, “There is a provision of a three-year jail sentence in cases of copyright infringement. I want all such bantis and bubbly who steal the story should be punished severely so that further No one could have such hilarity after walking. ”

It is worth mentioning that in January, when Ashish accused Kangana of stealing his story, Kangana denied this through social media that the film ‘Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda’ made by him was Ashish Kaul’s book based on.

Ashish says, “In order to show my sympathy to the Kashmiri Pandits, I sent the story of my book to Kangana through an e-mail so that she would write and preface this book of mine. Not only that, I am calling this book a film I also wanted to give the appearance of whose script I have written. I wanted Kangana to work in this film. That is why the financier of my film also sent a detail presentation related to the film to Kangana. It included the film All the characters, from their costumes, the outline of the sets, etc. were all recorded in detail. ”

Ashish says that Kangana never showed any interest in writing the prologue of his book nor in playing the role of Didda in this film, but how did he declare to make a film on my book without any permission from me, I am surprised about this But I am not going to leave Kangna and the film makers for this blight and will teach them a lesson. ”

Ashish explains that even though the story of Rani Didda is related to the 11th century, the information written by her about Didda in the book is not available elsewhere. Ashish says, “After years of research, the facts about Didda written in his book are not written by any person in the world. In such a situation, it can be understood that Kangana has made a film on my own story. Why would you have announced? ”

It is noteworthy that after the registration of FIR by Ashish Kaul, there is no response from Kangana and the makers so far. But when the controversy surfaced in January, the film’s producer Kamal Jain told ABP News, “Manikarnika Returns – The Legend of Didda has nothing to do with Ashish Kaul’s book. It’s a 1000-year-old story that It is in the public domain. To say that our film is based on his book is utterly wrong. Our film has nothing to do with his book.

Kamal Jain further said, “When a story is so old and public, any person has the right to make a film on it. Far from reading, I have never heard of Ashish Kaul’s book. Go to Google and see how many materials and articles are available on Didda. Our film has not taken any inspiration from his book “.


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