In the Corona era, people are becoming more prone to mental illnesses due to job loss and closure of business. According to psychiatric experts, in the last six months, the number of patients with angiitis has increased three times. If the person is not mentally healthy then there is a greater risk of spreading other disease or infection.  

Psychiatrist Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi said that the number of mentally afflicted patients has increased two to three times in lockdown. Most of such patients are coming to the fore, who are worried about fear of losing their jobs or shutting down business. In such a situation, people are at greater risk of becoming mentally ill. Not only young or adult children are also suffering from depression in lockdown.

Due to the closure of school, college and tutoring, he is spending his routine in closed room only. In such a situation, there is no concentration towards studies and children concentrate in other areas. He is suffering from depression due to mental pressure. Suicide cases have also increased in the last six months of data. Where there were ten suicides in the month.

On average, there are now 25 suicides. In Hali, there have been cases of suicide of various youths and students in the district. At such a time, people should busy the day through different means to reduce their mental pressure. You should talk to your family or close friend, which will reduce the misconceptions in the mind.

To avoid other illness, it is important to be healthy, Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi says that if a person is mentally healthy, then he will also stay away from infection and other serious diseases. A mentally ill person has low immunity. In this case, the risk of getting other disease is high. 

Chemical imbalance causes mental illness

Psychologist Dr. Arun Kumar said that certain parts of the brain contain chemicals made from specific glands, which are called neurotransmitters. These chemicals influence our behavior and behavior, through thought. It contains serotonin (to control sleep, appetite and mood), dopamine (for comfort and pleasure), endokines (for struggle), noredrinalin (for relieving tiredness) etc. Imbalance of these chemicals increases the risk of mental illness. 

Free Camp will be organized at Loni CHC

On behalf of District Mental Health Cell, a camp will be organized on Saturday on the occasion of World Mental Health Day at Community Health Center (CHC) at Loni.

Counseling Center for Mental Illness Necessary

Dr. Amulya K Seth, a psychiatrist at Columbia Asia Hospital, said that mental health will become the biggest challenge in the coming days after the epidemic. It needs to be made an integral part of public health. For this, it is necessary to open counseling centers like drug stores.


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