World Diabetes Day 2022: These 5 Myths About Diabetes Will Shock You And Understand: Today lakhs of people are suffering from diabetes in the country and the number of patients is continuously increasing. According to the World Health Organization, diabetes alone accounts for 2 percent of all deaths in India. Diabetes is a medical condition in which the blood sugar level increases rapidly. If not diagnosed and controlled, it can lead to many other serious health-related diseases. It can also cause high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease.

Some myths related to diabetes are also circulating among the people, such as diabetes can never be cured, and if parents have diabetes, the child will also have diabetes.

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Some myths about diabetes are;

Diabetes cannot be cured

Fact- Diabetes can be reduced in the early stages with proper measures. With a proper diet and daily exercise, it can be controlled, especially at a young age. If blood sugar returns to normal without treatment, diabetes is considered over. In such a situation, it cannot be said that a diabetic patient will always remain a patient. However, if blood sugar is not controlled, there is always a risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetic patients cannot consume sugar

Fact- This is the most common myth among people with diabetes. People think that diabetics have to depend on sugar-free diets for the rest of their lives. But it is not so. A diabetic patient needs to eat a balanced diet, which may include limited amounts of sugar or sweet substances. Diabetics don’t have to give up sugar completely.

Type 2 diabetes only occurs in obese people

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Fact – According to, type 2 diabetes is not just a disease of the obese. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle-related problem that can be caused by many factors. To a large extent, it is associated with obesity, but this disease does not affect only obese people. About 20% of normal or underweight people have type 2 diabetes.

If parents have diabetes, children will also have it.

Fact- Of course, diabetes has a strong association with family history, but it can also be caused by many other risk factors such as age, obesity, lack of physical activity, lack of exercise, and poor diet. Many people think that family history is the only risk factor for diabetes. But the truth is that even those who do not have diabetes in the family can develop this disease. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can protect yourself from diabetes throughout your life.

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Not only this, there is a clear genetic link between type 2 diabetes and obesity. In this, the genes are inactive, but these genes can be activated due to the lifestyle, diet and stress of the individual. However, these genes can be turned back on with a healthy diet, lifestyle, and stress reduction. Children of diabetic patients are generally healthy. They are likely to develop type 2 diabetes only after the age of 45. In such cases, type 2 diabetes affects only 15-20 percent of people.

Diabetes is an epidemic

Fact – This is completely wrong. Diabetes is not a contagious disease. It is classified as a non-communicable disease. That means it is not spread by sneezing or touching an infected person. It is not transmitted from one person to another. A child can develop diabetes only through diabetic parents, as genes can play an important role in this.



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