Work has begun on making a corona vaccine for children. The US company Pfizer has been allowed by the government to test the vaccine on children. The company will start trial next week. The effect of experimental vaccine will be seen first on adolescents between 16 and 17 years of age and then on children between the ages of 12 and 15 years.

Dr. Robert Frank, director of the vaccine research center at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, said that 90 parents expressed a desire to have their children included in the trial. We will initially see the effect of the vaccine on a dozen children, then the larger group will be tested. We have to remember that the risk of death from viruses in children and adolescents is low but it is not zero. In America alone, 50,000 children have been infected. According to Frank, the number of cases reported in children so far, in fact, the infection is more than that because the symptoms are not very severe in children, so the parents are not able to guess correctly.

Expert opinion- Making vaccines for
children is different from the risky body composition of children. It may be fatal to give them a trial vaccine dose. This is why companies test its effect by giving experimental vaccine doses to adults first. Then it is given to teenagers and then to young children. –  Dr. Paul Offit, Pediatrician of the University of Penicelvia

Worry about these things

1. Children’s vaccine will come after the elders:  According to the Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal, the Kovid vaccine for children will be available only after September next year because the trials for adults have not been completed yet. However, it is expected that by the end of this year the adult vaccine will arrive.

2. Only three companies will make:  Only three companies have sought permission to test the trial vaccine on children. Oxford-AstraZeneca has begun testing on children. Pfizer will debut next week. The third company, China-based Synovac Biotech, has also announced to start trials on children soon.

3. Pregnant women also do not pay attention:  Separate vaccine for pregnant and lactating mothers has not been taken care of yet. The American thinktank, called the Center for Global Development, expressed concern over how women working in frontline areas would fall into this category, how would governments be able to protect them from Corona.

Research: Delay in vaccination will increase the risk The
research published in the England Journal of Medicine reported that unless adults, as well as children, get the Corona vaccine on time, the epidemic will not be fully protected. On the other hand, even though the death rate of children from corona is very low, due to this epidemic, children are coming under the multi-system inflammatory syndrome, which is a deadly disease. According to the journal, 80% of the children suffering from this syndrome have to be hospitalized, so if the vaccine is not delivered on time, the new generation will face the risk of untimely death.


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