A woman has attempted self-immolation in front of the Vidhan Sabha in Lucknow. The woman has set flames on her by putting flammable material, in which her body has burnt a lot. This incident is from Hazratganj police station. It is being told that the condition of the woman is critical and the police has admitted her to the civil hospital.

According to the information, the 35-year-old woman alleged that she was married to Akhilesh Tiwari, a resident of Maharajganj, after which she got divorced. After this, the woman converted and married a young man named Asif. After marriage Asif went to Saudi Arabia.

It is alleged that Asif’s family was constantly harassing the woman. Troubled by harassment, the woman set herself on fire by putting flammable material in front of the assembly. After informing, the police reached the spot and admitted the woman to the civil hospital where the condition of the woman is said to be critical.

A policeman tries to extinguish the fire
According to DCP Central Somen Verma, preliminary investigation is being done right now and the whole matter is being investigated. The woman is a resident of Maharajganj, about which other information is also being collected.

This incident of self-immolation came at a time when the Yogi government of UP and the police are facing criticism for crime related to women. Especially, the government is on the backfoot after the Hathras incident.

Let me tell you that this is not the first such case in front of the Assembly building. Earlier, a mother and daughter had burnt themselves in a similar manner. After which he died. This mother-daughter was a resident of Amethi. They had a dispute with the neighbor about the drain. The matter also reached the police station. But the police did not take any action on the plea of ​​the mother-daughter, after which she reached Lucknow to meet the top officials. Meanwhile, both of them had set themselves on fire in front of the assembly. The media persons present there had also tried to save both, but both died later.



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