Woman Drank Child Blood: Scary. Children Will Be Born. Woman Drunk Child’s Blood To Death: A woman who believed the words of a sorcerer that a child would be born, sacrificed a ten-year-old child. Before that, she drank the boy’s blood and smeared it on her face.

Woman Drank Child Blood: We live in a time when science and technology are very advanced. These are the days when modern technology like computers, rockets, satellites, and cellphones are running. It is surprising that even in these days when steps are being taken towards space tourism.. still some people are stuck in the mire of superstitions and superstitions. It is sad that some are resorting to atrocities due to superstitions and superstitions. Taking the life of a fellow human being for their own selfishness is a grave crime. A woman has succumbed to cruelty for the sake of a child. She believed the sorcerer’s words and drank the blood of a ten-year-old girl to death.

A woman who believed the words of a magician sacrificed a ten-year-old child. Before that, she drank the boy’s blood and smeared it on her face. This tear-jerking incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. If not it was a long time ago. Recently, the Uttar Pradesh court sentenced the woman who was found guilty in this case to life imprisonment.

Believing the words of a magician in the name of occult worship, she committed this atrocity. Dhandevi (33) of Jamika village under Roja Police Station of Shahjahanpur district has been married for six years and has no children. After doing many poojas to get a child, but with no results, she turned to a magician. He said that if you drink the blood of a boy and kill him, children will be born. A woman who believed that.. drank the blood of a ten-year-old boy and killed him. The Bareilly court has given its verdict on the incident that happened five years ago.

On December 5, 2017, a woman kidnapped a ten-year-old girl named Laldas who was in her neighborhood along with two others. After that, she performed occult prayers and killed the boy by slitting his throat. Before this, she cut the boy’s cheek and drank the blood. Later the body was dumped in front of the house. The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident which caused a sensation. The police investigation revealed that the woman sacrificed Babu believing the words of the sorcerer.

Police have arrested Dhandevi and her two accomplices in the murder case. The Bareilly District Court, which completed the investigation, sentenced the convicts to life imprisonment. Also imposed a fine of Rs.5 thousand. In the absence of children, the woman admitted to the police that she had acted as a magician had told her. The boy’s father reacted to the court verdict. This punishment is not enough for the guilty. They complained that they should have been sentenced to death.

Police arrested the woman three days after the murder of the child, i.e. on December 8, 2017. Dhan Devi’s husband’s name is Dharam Pal. He resides in the Philibith district. However, Dhan Devi was childless and was harassed by her in-laws. So she left her husband and went to her relative’s house in Shahjahanpur. It was there that she met the wizard. When he said that children will be born if a child is sacrificed, Dhan Devi, who believed blindly, succumbed to the cruelty.


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