Woh Toh Hai Albela

Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Sayuri while laying on the bed hears her telephone ringing and attempts to pick it with extraordinary trouble. Kanha picks the telephone and requests that she rest. He reviews Sayuri’s words and requests that Rashmi feed a juice to her sister and get the telephone far from her. He then, at that point, requests that Priya call him in the event of a crisis and gives his charge card to her. Priya says it’s not required. Kanha flies off the handle on her and afterward apologizes, gets some information about it, and to call him or Nakul assuming there is any issue. Priya embraces and expresses gratitude toward him for supporting them. Kanha says he will continuously uphold Sayuri and her loved ones.

Saroj wishes to visit Rishikesh for th tranquility of her brain as each edge of the house helps her to remember Chiru. She is sorry to Dhanraj and Tej for abandoning them in this predicament. Tej requests that she do anything heart says. Sayuri gets some information about her telephone and assuming that she got any call from her school. Rashmi says she got a call from her understudy and attempts to take care of juice to her. Sayuri gets some information about Indu and inquires as to whether any neighbor visited her to discuss their evil destiny. Indu hears neighbors abusing about Sayuri for losing her man of the hour on her big day and yells at them. Bhanu gets some information about Sayuri as opposed to agonizing over individuals’ remarks. Kahna hears neighbor women’s insults and goes up against them for talking sick about Sayuri and her loved ones. The women apologize to him and leave.

Nakul asks Kanha how might they handle the viral video about him and Sayuri. Kanha says he will battle for Sayuri and safeguard her. Sayuri faults herself for Chiru’s demise before Rashmi. Rashmi asks her not to say that. or, more than likely Chiru would have felt awful assuming that he had heard it. She stresses over the viral video and expectations he handles this. Kanha lets Nakul know that he won’t make video blog recordings any longer as he has liabilities on his shoulders now. Nakul advises him that vlogging is his obsession. Kanha says that his enthusiasm finished with Chiru and even he changed with everything going on. Nakul illuminates that the video previously arrived at their neighbors and before long will arrive at their home. Kahna says we will deal with the circumstance. Kusum feels stunned watching the video. Saroj takes the telephone from her and even she stands stunned seeing the video.

Sayuri lets Rashmi know that she will get just around 50% of a month’s compensation because of her leaves, however will oversee home costs some way or another. She feels miserable that she can’t give rest to her mom from crushing masalas. Rashmi thinks Sayuri generally took care of the family obligations well and presently its her move and says even she will attempt to bring in cash. Sayuri gets some information about that and focus on her examinations. Rashmi says there is a business young lady’s opportunity in her companion’s sibling’s position which requires no degree and subsequently she chose to join that occupation to help the family monetarily. Sayuri embraces Rashmi and solaces her.

Nakul and Kanha get back. Saroj shows the video to Kanha and begins chastening Kanha. Nakul demands Saroj to pay attention to Kanha once. Saroj cautions him not to meddle and resolutely keeps yelling at Kanha. Dhanraj asks Kanha what is the issue. Kanha makes sense of the entire issue and says even Sayuri in torment like him. Saroj orders him not to keep in touch s with Sayuri. Kanha denies and says he can’t break the guarantee he made to Chiru. Saroj says she acknowledged the relationship for Chiru and when he is no more, even the relationship doesn’t exist and she will constantly detest Sayuri and her loved ones.

Rashmi with Priya meets Kanha and reviews 2 young men acting up with her in the wake of watching Sayuri and Kanha’s video and talking sick about Sayuri. Priya beats the young men. The proprietor lashes out and fires Rashmi. Nakul strolls to them and asks what occurred. Priya says now the whle Agra Sayuri and Kahna video. Sayuri asks what video. They stand stunned seeing her.


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