Winter continues in UP, melting cold and fog worsens, know when will get relief

Winter Sunlight: Do You Know Why Winter Sunlight Is So Comforting, There Is A Reason Behind It: When winter comes, we feel that it is good to stay in the sun for a long time… The sun is charming. But in summer, if we see the same sun, we reach the shade of the tree with fear. But do you know the reason behind Surya Rao lived in winter?

Winter is almost here. Everyone started feeling cold in the morning and evening. It’s not that hot even in the afternoon sun. In summer, the sun makes everyone crazy. You must notice how the sun of the same sun is soft and cozy when winter comes..? Surya breaks records. People rush to get out. The sun is burning. Bhanu gets confused. Along with the temperatures, the heat wave is also unpredictable. Why does the sun that burns in summer look so charming in winter? The fun of sitting in the sun in winter is different.

Sitting in the warm sun in winter is also very beneficial for our health. No one likes to go out in the summer. At the same time, the body feels comfortable by sitting in this warm sun during winter. Have you ever wondered why the summer sun is so hot, but the winter sun is so warm? Today we will know the scientist behind this..

Four seasons

Conversely, similarly. In many regions, winter is associated with snow and freezing temperatures. The coldest time. It is one of the four seasons. Winter comes after autumn, before spring. Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is usually December 21 or December 22. Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is usually June 21 or June 22.

This is the reason

Earth is closer to the Sun during summer. At the same time, the distance between the Earth and the Sun increases in winter. Many people think that this is the reason why the winter sun is soft. But it is not so. This happens because the Sun is in a hemisphere away from the Earth’s axis. This is all due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis. The reality is that the Earth is farthest from the Sun in July. Closest to the Sun in the month of January.

In summer, the sun’s rays hit the earth obliquely. Due to this, the light does not spread as much. Therefore, in places where the sun’s rays fall directly.. their intensity increases. In addition, the day is longer in summer. Therefore, the sun’s rays fall on the earth longer. There’s a reason the summer sun is more intense.

Caused by warm sunlight in winter

In winter, the sun’s rays hit the earth at a lower angle, or in other words.. these rays do not fall directly. Hence, it spreads to more places in winter. Because they are spread over a large area, winter sunlight is low and mild. That is why in winter days the daytime is short and the nighttime is long. As the season progresses after the solstice, the daytime increases, and the cold decreases. Winter is the coldest time. It is one of the four seasons.


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