New Delhi: In this time of Coronavirus, when people’s jobs are not safe, unemployment has increased, there is a debate in the Supreme Court about Loan Moratorium, the biggest problem facing people is the loan EMI. Is about to repay. In such a situation, all eyes are on the Reserve Bank (RBI). Today, the Reserve Bank is going to announce interest rates. Will the Reserve Bank cut interest rates after a two-day meeting. Our partner channel Zee Business has done a great deal on this. 

(A). In this Mahapole, when asked how much rate reduction is expected, 100% people said that there will be no change in rates. That is, there will be no relief in interest rates this time. 

Mahapole on RBI Credit Policy

How much rate cut expected?

No change 100%
0.25% 0%
0.50% 0%

(B). Regarding the policy of the Reserve Bank, 100% experts at Mahapole said that this time too, the trend will remain incomplete, that is, there will be a scope for further reduction in rates. 

How will RBI stand in policy?

Neutral 0%
Accomodative 100%
Strict 0

(C). In Mahapole, when asked how much reduction is expected in FY 21, 66 percent believed that 0.5 percent could be cut while 34 percent said that 0.25 percent could be cut.


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