The Supreme Court has reserved its verdict on the plea seeking release of about 150 Rohingyas detained in Jammu as refugees. Advocate Prashant Bhushan had demanded from the court that Rohingya refugees from Myanmar be released from custody. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that Bhushan is taking up the problem of Myanmar, which is the problem of another country.

He said that the Supreme Court had earlier rejected the plea to stop the Rohingya being repatriated from Assam in such a case. Tusshar Mehta said that the petition was also from this petitioner and lawyer.

On this, the Chief Justice asked Bhushan how your issue is related to this. How is it related to Myanmar and the Rohingya problem there, because they are foreigners, whereas the rule you are referring to is for the citizens of the country. The Supreme Court asked, you have come to court under Article 32, under which only residents of the country can approach the court for relief on the violation of the original rights. You are going to court for Rohingya who are not citizens of this country. Is it possible

Prashant said that Article 32 has not written any legal relief for the residents of the country, any court can come. Rohingya have moved the court to stop Muslims from being repatriated to Myanmar, let them stay here as refugees.


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