The Australian government and the social media platform Facebook have been tight-lipped about the revenue sharing dispute. After Facebook did not show the news of the news in Australia to the users, the matter is increasing. For a long time, in many countries including the US, India, Facebook has been involved with controversies like Choli-Daman and on this issue, it has come on defensive mode. He has been accused of promoting hate speech, harming democracy, violating privacy laws, etc.

This is the law behind Facebook’s move in Australia, due to which it will have to pay publishers for using news stories. In such a situation, he has decided to block the news and get rid of it easily. Media experts around the world believe that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision is shocking.

Jennifer Griegel, a social media expert and professor at Syracuse University, says Zuckerberg’s move shows how he alone can create a barrier to the news. No company should have such an impact on the reach of journalism. The public of Australia will no longer be able to get links to the news related to there on Facebook.

Outside Australia also will not be able to post a link to an Australian news source like the Sydney Morning Herald. Facebook says that this law in Australia ignores the realities of its relationship with publishers, who use their service to broadcast their stories around the world.

Technology and media experts have raised serious questions in this matter. British computer scientist Timothy Berners Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, told the Australian Senate Committee in January that the decision to apply payments to links that were always free could ruin the Internet. Discussions are still going on between the technology companies, the Australian Government and the country’s media giants regarding the law.

Facebook had not given any warning and banned its decision to block Australian news, causing inconvenience even to those who were unaware of it. Facebook spokeswoman Mari Melguijo said the law does not provide a clear information on the definition of news content. We have taken a broader definition to draft the law. “While, Notre Dame-IBM Technology Ethics Lab director Elizabeth Renieris said Facebook’s reaction cannot be justified even when there is a problem with the law Ho. Facebook has shown its strength.


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